Watch These Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words

Watch These Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words
Watch These Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words
Published on 12/10/2017
Watch These Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words


i´m Danish and laught so hard at this
pfft, hvor svært kan det være ;)
Lol I laughed when she said they sound like The Sims.
You should do Icelandic!! That would be super fun
I <3 girl in hat.
Do Norwegian and Swedish next, go scandinavian!
Yay! You guys did pretty well. Danish is a very difficult language :-)
You should try Danish candy! Would be sooo fun to watch 😂
Who's the girl with the cap <3 I love her
It would be cool if they showed the word first with out pronouncing it correctly so the viewer could try as well! Then after all the pronouncations show us how we really pronounce it! Just my opinion because I try to pause the video so I can see if I can pronounce the word right before hearing it ha..ha..
Hey, try to say: genopladeligturboforbrændingsmotorakselolie 😂😂
And yes, I'm Danish..
make a video:Watch These Americans Try To Pronounce GREEK Words or names
No one can pronounce danish words
Keely Ayres... I Would really like to hear you pronounce the danish words...I Think you Can do it😊! How are you all?
Do a video on people pronouncing urdu (pakistani) words please! 😁
Danish people don't talk like the people from the Sims... We talk like Danish people!
make a video where americans try to say portuguese names
They all pronounce it like it was Swedish - it didn't sound Danish at all! But well, it's the 4th hardest language in the world to learn, so it's okay :)
Det kunne give forståelse for, hvor svært det kan være at lære et andet sprog :)
fuck you buzzfeed, stop making Americans look like assholes. We're all not as dumb as Californians.
Make something more about denmark.. Cuz thats hillarious xD
This is so funny 😂 btw, i'm Danish
How about...Americans try to pronounce American words? Just a suggestion. Don't send me to the gallows.
Michael but you guys are so much better at learning Vietnamese! :)
Arslan bhai how many of them you can pronounce :-)
I've had a massive girl crush on the girl with the green snap back and I still don't know her name ugh
Hilary Alvestad I feel like you'd be like the girl in the army green vest if I tried to teach you Danish 😂👌🏼
I'm swedish and I really hate the danish language XD it sounds like they have oatmeal in their mouth x3
I'd like to see these guys deal with the long German words
this is so funny when you are from denmark and see this x'D
You guys should try Norwegian! It's a lot easier ;)
We got the power in Denmark just saying, our words SLAAAY🇩🇰
They would have a proper problem with Icelandic!
Some of the pictures isn't matching the words! 😂
Tina, haha watch this please!
But don't worry, I taught you the most important things ;)
I am from Denmark.. And that was so fun😂 it is so easy.. But only because i am from denmark😂❤️
Det er ikke en hakkebøf, but Nice try 😂😂
Why no pølse
I'm so gonna save this video and then one day I'mma hear you try to pronounce all of these 😂 Camille Bujnowskyj
Lucio Maci Haha, here are some danish words :D
Emmy Maria Silje Caroline loooool rød grød med fløde - tænkte på the swedish dudes😂
This... i shit you not, but they all sounds like Swedish people :i - A Random Dane
I'm danish, and that was the worst danish accent I've ever heard 😂 Mathias
im norwegian and i think danish is hard... alteast to hear or speak...
Omg Denmark finally someone says somthing about Denmark!
Jose Eduardo F Try to pronounce this words 👍🏻😉
Spasser indfald!! Billedet af hakkebøf var en kedelig filledt??? og Den røde grød var et billede af rissengrød???Få for helvede Fakta på plads!!!
Please tell me I'm not the only one that thought Stargate when i seen that A
hhahha døøørrr! forstår virkelig ikke hvorfor det er så svært :'))
Ohhh this was so awesome to watch it would be cool with more off these☺
I must say i'm proud off sounding like someone from sims😂

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