Watch These Americans Try Bollywood Dance Moves

Watch These Americans Try Bollywood Dance Moves
Watch These Americans Try Bollywood Dance Moves
Published on 11/19/2017
Watch These Americans Try Bollywood Dance Moves


So basically, being a BuzzFeed employee is just being paid to do random fun stuff.
She seems like an amazing teacher. Super fun, super chill. I'd like to learn from her!
So wait... I sorta REALLY want to try a Bollywood Dance class now...? Whos' with me? Raise your hands.
you should've danced on "munni" "sheila" "chikni chameli" "lovely" "kamli" xD
the boys seem more interested and actually better than the ladies tbh
In Guyana, South America we say "Screw di lightbulb" and "Stir di pot" to explain Bollywood dances lol.
That is no where close to Bollywood, its more fun, more energetic.
This just killed Bollywood
They actually did REEEALLY good for their first time lol or maybe all the bloopers were edited out haha
I'm a Pakistani but guess what.. We all love Bollywood Songs and dances 😃.. Bum bum bollay
REQUEST: Americans watch Bollywood Films!!!!
So when's the Bhangra one coming out? Lol
Really bad shooting of the dance video at the end... felt like I saw the preparation for nothing.... :(
Look at that flick of the wrist!!! #scurt
Man I want to work for buzzfeed
Love it. However I find that ONE part insulting "For anyone who thinks they can't dance just do Bollywood it's just bouncing and fun"
you guys really did that real bad xD honestly :'D well it was kinda cute
Where's that 'BABY DOLL' song😂
Lololol OMG this brings back memories :')
FYI bindis aren't just worn by hindus, many South East Asian people wear them, regardless of religion
The bollywood thing isnt new anymore. And its boring
This made me so happy !! Bollywood dance rocks
Okay so who is the dude with the goatee? I think he's so damn cute.
I really want to try this and Zumba lol
Ugh, working for Buzzfeed seems so much fun. I would love my assignment to be "Go learn Bollywood dances" >3>
These teachers in the west really suck at this!
Haha that is so cool buzzfeed of the day😃
It did remind me of the pelvic dry hump.... with no partner
White America LOVES stealing cultures.
Did you see the second boy he looks like obama ! :D
I'd love finding a class to try this ...
i had a friend she was a older lady she had a shop she always had music on i go in dance around with her she taught me screw in the light bulb stuff the turkey lol
I love this type of dancing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Worst video yet, I can't get over how the insult bollywood and indian culture with this
"If you can't dance just do Bollywood. It's just bouncing and fun." WHAT? Have you seen Bollywood dances before? Classical Indian dancing?
These are just easy moves for when you're busting at the dance floor at someone's wedding reception. lol
The fuck is this shit
omg i love this!!
This was so bad ..
Look at the flicka dat wrist
I would try it
Thought I saw a pregnant mommy. She was working it!
Best hahahha
I want to work for buzz feed and get paid to have fun
Paula Clara
*watches video*
"How does one go about getting a job at BuzzFeed?"
Can I work for BuzzFeed?
They should've chosen a well known Bollywood song. to find a class for Bollywood dancing
That was super cute :-D
Love it!
Okay, so, umm, I'm heavily crushing on the goatee'd guy. What's his name?

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