Watch A Bunch Of Goyim Try Jewish Food For The First Time

Watch A Bunch Of Goyim Try Jewish Food For The First Time
Watch A Bunch Of Goyim Try Jewish Food For The First Time
Published on 10/23/2017
Watch A Bunch Of Goyim Try Jewish Food For The First Time


"this is white people food" lol
"Looks like we're gettin turnt"
This food is Ashkenazik Jewish traditional food. Sephardic Jewish food is different.
I've never seen someone eat gefilte fish wrapped in lettuce. You need to eat it with a fork and dip it in some horseradish... preferably sweet horseradish.
"this is what I call some white people food" LOL
Dear people who tagged their friends:
Just share the damn video!
Lindsey Michelle, they're reaction to the kugel killed me... i was talking to the computer "you don't understand" "this is an amazing creation" KUGEL IS AWESOME
i am so sad that this does not include all of the incredibly delicious sephardi jewish food that is out there.
As a jewish guy, the chopped liver and gefilte fish are disgusting. In major, ashkenazi food is disgusting.
how much do you want to bet one of them is jewish and doesnt know it.
Maya Menon I don't know why the food videos are so funny but they are
Okay so first off I am known for being addicted to matzo ball soup. It's my thing. So not liking it is just weird. MATZO BALL SOUP FOREVER.
That Kugel was awkward looking. But honestly whoever doesn't like noodles with butter and cinnamon is seriously lacking in something. Also... I decided that I am in love with that guy in the green hoodie. That is all.
Goyim: A word used by some Jews to refer to Gentiles (non-Jews). The word can have Derogatory Connotations, such as the word "black" when used to refer to a persons of African descent. It can be neutral or negative depending on the context and the intent of the speaker. Just say non-Jewish.
The gateway drug to Jewish food...LOL
Gefilte fish in lettuce? chopped liver with celery? You need to try real Jewish food as they are actually eaten and made (that Kugel looked terrible). I would be happy to prepare the real dishes for you to try ;)
LOL Love the guy w/the black glasses best. "Again with the condensed"...."I want like a little bit of broth and a giant sponge in a bowl"....LOL LOL "The consistency is exactly like....Fancy Feast". So funny....
"this taste like a hangover" Mackenzie J KushnerVictoria LynnSuzanne Samuels KonchanGrantDaniel L. HarrisonDanielle RagofskyDylan SchmerMallory Wood
Ive had a jewish potato pancake, just taste like a unseasoned hash brown mmm.hipster.
"Tastes like a hangover."
Nobody makes a kugel with maraschino cherries!! Come on - kugel is delicious: make it properly!
"Get it jewish grandma!"
Crystel Garcia F yeah matzoh ball soup and rugelach! I agree though we need some challah!!!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! no!! this is only a small presentation and of only an "Ashkenazim" food.... what about "Sefaradim" foods ?? :) Shana Tova שנה טובה !
Love how they just ignored all the sphardim. Perhaps the video should be renamed to "...Try ashkenazi Jewish food..." I don't know any sphardi who eats that stuff.
Lol! So when chris tucker said he wanted gefilte fish in rush hour he meant Jewish food! Wow it took me so long to finally figure it out lol! Looks yummy! Jim Xiong
is this ELLO?
where am I?
I needed that laugh. So help me God, at Corky&Lenny's in Ohio... they were shouting orders and this person ordered... corned beef and pastrami with cream cheese and mayo on raisin toast. I looked at the guy behind the counter and told him, just say NO. I mean WTF was that order???
My non Jewish roommate made dinner for me one evening. I came home from work to a terrible smell! He took gefilte fish and microwave them. Totally shocked my only response was "that must be the Methodist way of eating gefilte fish... Each culture keeps traditions and memories alive by sharing foods that were part of their upbringing
The end was very funny! Get wasted on Manishewitz at a bar mitzvah or something! Hah! But really this bothers me because the foods they used were ashkenazi dishes that came from Europe where everyone was in poverty... The guy says "this looks like something you'd throw together if you realized you had guests coming over & all you had in the cabinet was pasta" many Jews were so poor that this was all they had. Also Sephardic food is a lot more flavor filled & is always pushed to the side, how bout a buzz video where Jewish people taste Sephardic food for the first time... Not offended but this isn't the pinnacle of Jewish food & culture.
PS: FYI I sell kosher wine, Manishewitz is a disgrace!
Wine By The Case
Hagefen Wine & Liquors
As a jew, it is insulting to me that they include gefilte-fish as a representative of the jewish kitchen. Though it's definately a jewish dish - its a colinary DISASTER!!!
All the dishes presented are of European jewish tradition. Middle eastern traditional jewsh food is so much better!!!
Seriously buzzfeed come to my house and I will feed you pomegranates, dolma with garlic sauce, eshkena egg drop soup, lula kebabs with apricot sauce, and rice with fruits in it. Kavkazi/Azerbaijani Jewish food is way better.
Andrew just saw this lol. evidently motzo ball soup is a gateway drug to jewish food.
That is HORRIBLE looking Jewish food!! FEH! Newer-generation American-Jewish cooking perhaps? You folks need to try something from a REAL Jewish-European cook! Not to mention delicious NON-European Jewish cuisine!! My mother's lokshun kugle didn't have damn canned peaches on top of it!
I kinda like the idea of gefilte fish lettuce wraps with a horseradish cream sauce. However, the "critics" lost all credibility with their appreciation of Manischewitz. C'mon, people. Cough syrup tastes better!!
Very very funny! I'm goyim ( or is it shiksa ) who has tried and liked most of these traditional foods ( the liver can be rough even for my globally educated palate LOL ) ...
"Try 'em, you'll like 'em!"
I think the one guy with the dark hair and black glasses is Jewish😜 I can' t stop laughing!!!! I'll eat whatever they won't. Jewish food rules, L'Chaim !!!!!
But this is only one kind of Jewish food! Sephardic Jews have the more tasty foods! Plus that kuegel looked like the worst kuegel I've ever seen! Atleast give them good foods.
Well I'm jewish...
Live in Israel and that's not what we eat .. Never tried this food before.
@Buzzfeed, this isn't "Jewish food." Jews come from all over the world, and each group has its own cuisine. You're only showing Ashkenazi cuisine and completely perpetuating the notion that Jews are only from Europe (Leaving out Mizrahi Jews, for instance.) First of all, most Jews in Europe aren't classified as white (In France, they are the #1 victims of racially motivated attacks.) And also, why don't you try Mizrahi, Sephardic, and Ethiopian Jewish cuisine?
This food is all Ashkenazi food. To be accurate you should call it that. Jewish good includes sooooo many different kinds of food, not just Ashkenazi
Not surprised that wine and cookies go over big. Need horseradish for that gefilte fish. Soup! Mmmm -- except the matzo balls just distract from an excellent broth. Liver? Torture.
Jewish. Hate gefilte fish, herring. Love falafel, matzo ball soup, lox and onions, bialys, potato pancakes, knishes. . .
There are as many kinds of kugel as there are people who make it - don't judge until you have had all different kinds! Kugel is one of my favorite Jew foods.
This was the best thing I've ever fucking seen. Samuel Edwards Taylor Bruno Mario Foti Joshua Prado Shari Bruno Ryan Dana
Maycie Kaye that make up looks REAL nice!!!
Matzo ball soup--"the gateway drug to Jewish food." Classic!
The Asian guy is so into the Jew Food. Even the chopped liver that every one else thought was "like poop," He classified as Pate. Cool Dude.

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