Waiting out the rain on Day 2 of Drag Week 2013

Dave Ahokas waiting out a short rain storm on I-70. Slicks + downpour = bad news, especially in a promod! They have some rain tires as you can see but should be drying up soon.
Waiting out the rain on Day 2 of Drag Week 2013
Published on 11/19/2017
Dave Ahokas waiting out a short rain storm on I-70. Slicks + downpour = bad news, especially in a promod!
They have some rain tires as you can see but should be drying up soon.


Not street car.... Oh no! Rain! LMAO.
what? no rain tires or wipers on a promod? lies! lol.... goodluck guys, be safe.
Brad Carey
Travis Mungle see race cars can be street cars
If it can't drive in the rain and has to have a tarp over it it should not be in drag week. Otherwise that car is sick
wheres the roll up windows?
This car has driven in the rain, they'd rather wait out the rain than get soaked swapping tires on the side of the interstate
Rain tires are mounted on the side of the trailer and we have a wiper we can put on. But it's just a small shower
Larry Larson used to drive through the rain. weird huh?
Where are yall at on I-70? If close to me I'd offer up my garage to change em
funny, where is larry larson this year? oh yeah not here
What state on i70?
I was going go make a "larry Larson would drive through it" comment but it seems to have already been made
Really stretching what a street car is...
That right there should DQ it. If hot rod was serious about street legal. Should be street legal at any point on a public road.
Is he pulling that trailer lol
Thats funny, cuz Larry Larson dont pull over in the rain...Thats a true street car!!!!
Yea what state are you on I-70
I have personally pulled over in my truck because of a rain storm. People these guys are trying to keep themselves, their car and the others on the road. Why the need to bash every post? Would you rather they loose control and hit and kill someone instead?
No wipers on a fiberglass body AHh
how about reading through the comments before writing the same thing 3 or 4 times?
Also there is photos of Larry Larson last year pulled over under an over pass waiting for the rain to stop so all those comments are completely invalid.
I-70 is closed about 5 miles past him
It's pretty funny when 90% of the people that talk shit on here dnt race...
Its not a pro mod...its a streetcar.
Yall are runnin your mouth when coming to the fact most of yalls high performance cars.. thats if you have any probably wouldnt even make it 200 miles in drag week..
Bad wreck on 70 green up exit!
Backed up for 2 hours
Got off Casey exit hit us 40
Street car huh...... I call bs! If you can't drive it in all conditions then keep it on the track!
I'd rather this guy on slicks pull over in the rain than risk it and potentially kill someone because he was trying to be the hero. You try running on these tires in the rain and tell me how that works out for ya
I think it's badass he ran a 6 second pass and drives it on the street at all! Obviously he just forgot to throw on the rain tires or wasn't expecting it.
Just because you drive it every where on the street, does NOT make it a street car..
Hmmmm.... I think this proves what has been said time and time again.
Watch at 6 seconds.. plus no trailer...
What did he run today?
Lmao.tarp over car
Hmm you must be close to Dayton area. I live right off 70 and the rain just started. Good luck guys be safe!
A street car drives in the rain , Larson check
there sure are a LOT of nut swingers in here.
I didn't see a trailer behind this Larson guy people are in love with?? Its all pretty cool guys don't bash unless your out competing.
Marcos Leon Balde Vargas Martin Curiel Jose Vargas Eldjchelelo
Promod cars don't have door gaskets to keep the rain out ,,,,,,,hahahahaha. That's why they trapped it ,,,,,and prob don't have windshield wipers either
wow! real streetable...
Just read on the pep boys speed shop page that one of the cars crashed out in the rain so i say Dave made the right move and yes the car has wipers on it.
whats wrong? cant drive in the rain... but its a street car though
It is a street car just wrong tires. Has anyone of you that are making fun of this car ever driven in the rain on slicks.....not fun. props for pulling over and waiting it out, did the right thing.
Anybody old like me and remember when "pro street" were actual street cars....ah the good ole days
That tire on the trailer must hang a foot into the road.

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