Viper vs Diesel Truck

Viper vs Diesel Truck
Published on 12/10/2017


Could that Viper have possibly left any slower?
They sure say "our good friend" alot.
My 4200lb impala ss destroyin a viper!!
That's no ordinary diesel truck, that's a cummins!
Guy in Viper: "I'm gonna start in 4th"
Looks like the Viper needs a Driver mod.
Still rather have the Viper.
60 foot is most likely a 1.5x in the cummins the viper was probably a 2.2x plus its an 1100 hp truck so believe it people that car didnt stand a chance
Don't look like the viper even tried. Don't believe it.
Diesels aren't to be underestimated 👊
Get that nasty black smoke producing thing out of society, I speak on behalf of everyone else breathing that shit
And thats why you don't buy a viper!
Wow, a lot of people get butt hurt when a 8,000 pound truck whoops ass. Diesels run 9's and maybe even 8's these days. 1200 hp truck, 1800ftlbs, do the math. Get out of your moms basement and see the world.
You can all hear that the vipers shift points hint at there being a lot more on the throttle then he is letting on. He had to let the other guy win.
Lol at all of you. Diesel's can be built to run. Anything can be, just depends on how deep your pockets are.
I seriously think the viper driver just didn't know how to drive his car....
Supercharged vipers do not run 7.xx 1/8 miles...that truck was moving yeah, but that wasn't a super charger viper either.
Anthony Shun You will never escape this.
Really not surprised. I've seen many full size 3500 pickup doing 9 sec 1/4 mile.
Hendrik Axel Ben Dieuwert hahaha check dienen uitlaat op diene ram
Viper can do that all day, that truck will blow up more often than the viper changes oil. I hate sitting in the staging lane for 2 hours because another fuck diesel blew a tranny... Super bitter about this can you tell?
Kyle Domesticated Brian Miller Bruce Mooseman Bishop
Fuck yeah Cummins power
Steve Diarbakerly Apostolis Charizopoulos something for your argument last time at the bar hahahaha
Put a real driver in the seat of the Viper and it takes that truck all day, everyday, and twice on Sunday
Truck slaughtered viper on the tree then drags his ass all the way out the back door lol
Ash Craig Jordan
Yes it can Brian Escarcega
Not only did he beat the viper, but 25% of the air we breathe as well. Smh -_-
Warum Dodge RAM ?! Deshalb :D
Waldemar Fritz Sascha Wer Sonst Stanislav Lobykin Hendrik Multhaupt
Stefan de Graaf Ezra Reinders Maikel Vdort
Josh Long
Brady Nelson
I am a drag racer and a diesel guy I call B.S on that race
Tony Keller
John Kaczmarek
Emmanuel Nevarez Bustillos lol I miss the salchicha 😆
Royston Patience
Scott Willis David Willis
Anthony Shun how many times u get tagged??
I own a supercharged roe viper. And I don't care :/ plenty cars faster than me. But I still own a viper :P
Rick Grubso
That's more than destroyed...that's straight up obliterated! Damn. I bet it hurt that Viper owner's ego to see that Cummins beat his lil Viper. lol
Micah Carkagis
Michael Slater
How crazy is this
I would like to see a rematch but with someone who actually pays attention at the starting line. Viper driver sucks at starts
Brent Bell David Ford David Summers Brian Gray Bobby Rosine
Anthony Shun
Asleep at the wheel...

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