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Published on 11/20/2017
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Everyone saying fuck the cops will be the first ones to call 911 when they need help. Next time instead of calling 911 call your local drug dealer or crackhead and see how far that gets you. Everyone that are saying fuck pigs or fuck the police are just showing how ignorant you really are. Respect the people that protect your lives
Really Fucking Amazing How A Bunch Of People Are Commenting "Fuck The Police This and Fuck The police That" But I bet They Wont Be Saying That When One of There Family Member or Best Friend is lying on the ground dying and taking there last breath then what? WE HAVE TO UNDER STAND THAT NOT ALL COPS ARE FUCKING BAD NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE THUGS.
You people are a bunch of stupid fucks find a cop and thank them. That would be the smartest thing most of you imbread low life losers do in your life. Fucking ignorant fucks
That video still doesn't justify shooting an unarmed man 11 times. They are trained for situations like that. Drawing their weapon should be a last resort, that's why they are also armed wit pepper spray, a baton and a taser. Think about that!!!
It's funny how everyone is saying fk the cops on here. Then you look at their profiles and they're all dead beat losers or wanna be gangsters just living a dead end life. Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern going on.
Glad you guys put this out. I've been on the anti-cpp bandwagon lately and this video helped put things in perspective
It's a fucking shame to see all you assholes talking abt killing cops and fuck the police. If you don't try to fight cops you won't get your retarded ass beat or killed... get a fucking clue! Almost every person killed this yr by cops either fought them or tried to fight them... quit trying to be a "thuggish nigga" and grow the fuck up! If you are stupid enough to break the law get caught and then try to fight the cops you deserve to get shot and/or killed... stop trying to act so hard and then cry like a little bitch cunt when you get caught... fucking retards
You know I find it a little funny how 75% of people posting on here saying fuck the police and 95% of them are the first to call the police when some shit go down now when someone brakes into you're house and you're able to get to the phone remember fuck the police don't call them
Fuck the pigs !!!!!!!!
Let take a look at the people that comment "fuck police" typical punk wanna be thug. Because they are the ones that get caught up and shot because they don't comply with the police. They are the reason for the police violence. Sure not all cops are good cops but don't stereo type a cop because he wears a badge. Some people are so ignorant and wonder why our country is in the shit hole it is
Has anyone notice that the ppl posting "FTP" or "they deserve it" look like low-lives, don't have shit, and look like complete total trash. Be thankful for those who serve. The ones against them are the ones that do wrong.
Fuck the police
Wow some of the comments here truly make me sick. Defending the actions of these thugs and acting like cops lives dont mean anything at all because "oh well they chose that job lol!". How do you live with yourselves. How about this. Next time you need help dont call a cop call one of your homies instead. Good luck with that.
Let me guess most of yall saying F the police are either criminals or have low life family members, and you hate the cops because they keep arresting them?? I hope they take extra long to help you when you actually need em! We are turni g into a dumbass society influenced by the media or what other people think it's cool to say.
Fuck cops??butch of brain dead criminals that say that!ok some cops are dicks but to say all cops is dumb!lets just try to imagine a world without cops and law and order!killings and murders would sky rocket including you close family and loved ones!little kids would be getting kidnaped and raped probs your little brothers and sister including you own kids!and don't say you would protect them cus in a world withou cops you can't be there for every1!you houses robbed ur local community would become completly drug and gang run with criminals free to comit crime as and when they want!if you child is kidnaped and is missing who would you turn to to find them?think about the bigger picture before you open your dumb mouths!most people who hate cops are drug dealers etc who the cops stop from making money etc!
Its good people out here, some cops some civilians, but both can be wrong both can be corrected. I don't think it's rational to blame victims for their own suffering! Wrong is wrong right is right, but we never see that cause we categorize people in groups instead of individually. Our stupidity as humans, we are all alike but think we are so different from one another.
To you cocksuckers who think "all dem po-lice need to be killed"...I have a few friends that are cops, and every one of them performs their job to the highest standard. For you to say that they are all bad based on the actions of a few is the exact same as me saying that all blacks are bad based on the criminals in every inner city. It's fucking ignorant.
And by the way, quit calling yourselves "African Americans". Unless you were born in Africa, emigrated to the U.S., and gained citizenship, you are an American...plain and simple. Charlize Theron was born in South Africa, she is white, and is an American citizen...making her an African American.
Now unfuck yourselves.
Typically, the idea is to abide by the laws, and cooperate with law enforcement....if done so, you shouldn't have ill feelings towards cops. But I guess that's just how my parents raised me, because they cared about my future.
There should be 1 day without cops,fireman,paramedics, doctors, just like the movie "the purge" then let see who keep saying fuck the cops
I think the police bring it upon themselves, they stretch the rules for the worse, they do not respect others but demand to be respected. If they're here to protect us, why do we fear them when seen?? Even when you're innocent??
If they cared, showed it in their body language and tone of voice, we'd be happier, but no... They think we should kiss their asses because they have a badge and a gun!
This isn't saying fuck the police, it's saying I'll show no sympathy for them.
Y dont u show all the videos of cops killing innocent people there are alot more they werent monsters they were turned into monsters by wat crooked cops have done was it right no fuck no but theres a cause theres a means real talk
And they wonder why cops shoot them. " boohoo he was unarmed boohoo". Who gives a fuck. If you break the law... You get to die. Simple concept to grasp. Worthless fucking people.
I understand that there is bad cops that really deserve to get beat and hung from a tree but there are also good cops that do care about the citizens and/or the community. What I don't understand is why while reading the comments most ppl are saying "fuck the police" meaning all of them? I wonder who are you going to call when your child, wife or relative gets raped, when you get robbed or any other emergency that may occur. Sorry but most of these comments are from ppl that hide behind the computer, tablet or phone to grow the balls they don't have in person.
I see alot of you Facebook gangsters don't know shit! Some with daddy issues, some just have no respect for life, some play a bit too much call of duty and live my life through video games. Some of you look like you wanna join ISIS. So let's just condemn ALL cops right? Then shouldn't we condemn all Muslims cause they might be a terrorist? Condemn all blacks cause they might commit a crime sometime right? Condemn all white people cause they all steal from the poor, even if they are poor themselves? Condemn all men cause there is a good chance they are going to rape someone right? I have never seen so many douchebags in one post in my life.
People who say fuck the cops must still be young, grow the fuck up. If you weren't doing anything illegal, then you wouldn't have to worry now would you! Ignorant fucks!
I say we let the cops sit at home for a week then let's see how many people want them back on duty.
O well its the job they have a choice....quit....and the real deal is the bad people police go after get the police angry and they end up hurt good people
Everyone who has something bad to say about the police are the ones usually in trouble with the cops because you do dumb shit and then blame it on some one else like the cops, look in the mirror you fucking idiots i bet if someone was whooping your ass you would be hollerjng for the police if you act right you get treated right you act like a fucking thug then you get dealt with be the police its not hard for all of you who dont understand freeze means stop. All you have to do iz cooperate stay calm and they will go on their way but you act suspicious and they treat you that way dumb fucks
Dumb fucks say fuck the police and their the first ones to call them...!! And I ain't racist but stop using the race card you ignorant muthafuckers... Ppl use one event out of millions and blow it up more than it fucken is!!! Focus on yourself and how you can change the image of the community around you... You dumb fucks!!!!
Fuck the police fuck fuck fuck the police
85% of you that say fuck the police are criminals or have had a run in with the law because you are a piece of shit. "You" are the problem!!!
All of you that that think this video is "cool" or that think that killing cops is ok should be kicked out of the country. There are bad people just like there are bad cops but that doesn't mean cops need to be shot! Anyone that says otherwise is just a dumb punk that got busted doing something you weren't supposed to be doing! Here's a hint...STOP BREAKING THE LAW!! If you wrong someone you will be arrested! Stop playing the "race card", you aren't being arrested cause cause of the color of your skin you're being arrested cause you royally messed up! So act like an adult and take responsibility for what you did!
Shows what some offers go threw. Not all officers are bad, not all blacks are thugs, not all whites are racist, and not all Hispanics are illegal. So for you all that say fuck the police, your saying fuck you to your self. Because no one is better than the other, its up to the person to make right or wrong decisions. Cops, civilians, military, all emergency resonders, and so on.
Yall dumb fucks saying fuck the police be the first ones calling them when shit goes down lol
Hooked on phonics would make a fortune here
FUCK THE POLICE!!!! They want us to feel bad for the cops when they kill people for no reason and use their authority the complete wrong way
To all of you saying "fuck the police" you are truly fucking ignorant.
We don't have that problem here in Ireland. Because the gun laws are so strict not you're average refugee or fucking herion dealer can bear arms. The problems with you're fucking government putting this constant image in society that you're constantly under attack by someone or have to plant the image of fear in you're fucking minds. Our police force don't casually have guns ether.
Well no 1 told them to become a police officer
Respect for the law enforcement family. Those who disrespect us and dislike us will be those who will call when they are in danger.
People who comment with "Fuck the police", your typical scum, next time you hillbilly yanks are arguing with your own family about whose the real daddy of little Billy jo, and your daddy/uncle/brother (not sure whose doing mammy) high on moonshine pulls a gun. Don't call the police.
fuck anyone who says fuck the cops whenever yall dumb fucks need help yall bitches gonna get dealt with by criminals, apparently yall shitheads dont know anything that goes around the streets, fuck what yall hoes represent and believe in, dont ever dial 911 instead arrange a grave you idiots!!#godblessourboysinblue!!
Are these 'fuck the police' comments for real? Because a high percentage of people writing them look like thugs, criminals and just general dregs of society. Yeah, some cops have done some horrific things - take extra notice of the word some - but you can't judge the whole based on the actions of a few. If you do that, you might as well just start saying 'fuck the civilians' because there are much more of us/them killing people. The majority of you people commenting on here are just sick.

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