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Viewer discretion is advised! QUICK AND SAVAGE BEATING
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Published on 10/20/2017
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Niggas needa learn when to stop...
Attempted murder
That was a fair one. Head up man to man. Bro didn't have to stomp his head tho. Now let's look at these dumb ass rasict comments they probably still gonna say the blacks jumped vanilla ice. That Boi got fuck ed up!!!
His punches were thrown like a LITTLE FAGGOT
Poor form.
Sorry ass, ratchet ass, dick in the booty ass boi.
that's why they get shot
He need to be locked up
WHITE FOLKS love to talk shit over the net, but when u run into them the first thing they say is "DUDE I DIDN'T MEAN NOTHING BY IT" DON'T PUT YA HANDS 👐 UP IF YOU CAN'T FIGHT 👊...... BOTTOM LINE
Now thats an ass whoopen
Every time a black guy wins one on one theirs some excuse white/Hispanic people make lol we run boxing for a reason and the best overall fighter in the UFC just so happens to be black haha
Fight is a fight.
It's a fight if your not ready to die don't fight !
Over kill
He beat the fuck outta him
Americans need build a big ship to send back these to africa.
Once again, blacks taking it too far. He was a lucky shit fighter and once the guy was down should have left him alone...... Average day for pussy nigga in the hood ..... Fucking prick .....
The white guy might of did something real fucked up.....or....the black guy just fights dirty.....or...white guy just can't fight....or....they both might be raciest..... The possibilities are endless...
True enough there was no need to kick the guy when he is, already defeated, but u ignorant fucks that make racial comments need a dictionary to see, what the word " nigger " really means .. big bad ass Facebook shit talkers is, all I see
Wow first move it to kick in the balls... Then knock him out... Which hey it's a fight... But to stomp his head in after you already punched him couple times after he was knocked out was just fked up. He will get his I'm sure
That's funny bro dudes had cocked back twice when he kicked him lol
Apparently he killed the guy n it was over a parking spot Pathetic he's holding someone's pocket that's for sure hope u like anal pal coz ur getting it wether u like it or not 😂😂😂😂😂
Pussy ass
Funny how blacks can call each other a nigger but 8f a white says it it's racist you need to make ur fucking minds up. Oh that's right the world hates blacks. Em no we don't I've lots of black Asian and white mates we are all the same we bleed red do we not
Bite the fuckin curd....
Straight pussy shit
It makes no difference what colour / race he is ! Evil ! Pure evil and that you get in all races 😕
Hahaha. One on one. Now what's the excuse. They squared up even.
Swift kick to the nuts always works. Cheap shot or not you go with what works
Se les desea lo mismo a los que alaban.
POS punched and kicked him after he was defenseless. Obviously the black guy had no father figure because you learn compassion for others from a father. He is an obvious baby daddy ghetto bastard.
If you push me to fight you if I can I will finish you. Period.
Ughh niggas
Sick coward that's not fighting
Wow....why he fight again?
That boy should be killed
That's what I see!!

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