Veterans Watch 1980s Military Movies

Veterans Watch 1980s Military Movies
Veterans Watch 1980s Military Movies
Published on 11/17/2017
Veterans Watch 1980s Military Movies


"It's not just about concealment, it's about looking good while you kill people" XD
lol! " I was in the Air force, they didn't even yell at us"
The guy's laugh at Commando made my day!
"These insults are more creative than anything I've done in my entire life." 😂😂
My husband is in the Marines. Every time we watch a war movie he always always points out stuff that would never happen. And it is annoying.
"Arnolds biceps just glistening in the sun - it's more majestic than like a unicorn in a rainbow"
Dear buzzfeed
Do veterans play call of duty for the first time nevermind but no such person exist "apparently"
How about air soft
"These guys go to like backflip school"
These guys are hilarious! I'd rather watch them all day than the idiot Kardashians
I was in the airforce for 12 years ...oh come on. Lol
Full metal jacket, best military movie ever!
Is that Mat best? Hes fucking awesome lol
Did I get first?
He was in the air force and never got yelled at?! Wish I had his Training Instructor! I got yelled at and threatened lol mostly because I loved to giggle...
"These insults are more creative than anything I've done in my entire life"... I believe a lot of the Gunny's insults are still used by service members today, they're too good not to! Lol The Gunny is all kinds of badass!
What Veteran hasn't seen Any of these.. lol
They still do this!! MARINE CORPS!
I saw more action at the enlisted clubs that these so called veterans saw in their whole careers. Semper Fi
Thems some hot veterans....
This was back when we actually had Action Movies now all we get is recycled Superhero movies every summer. "Hey kids I know you watched Spiderman last summer but guess what he's back agin this summer too".
Lol any movies that Arnold is in, is an ad for steroids
They should have had a Marine veteran.
I advise you all to watch Mat Bests videos, his videos are hilarious.
Best. Buzzfeed. Video. EVER.
You must bring in Mat Best and the guys again! If you haven't seen there stuff you should, but having them on buzzfeed is quite the treat!!!!
Mat Best looks like a girl with his beard gone. A masculine girl. But still a girl.
I ❤️ Matt Best haha.
Lol my gramps was special forces, my dad a marine and my husband is an army vet. I was raised on Rambo and Chuck Norris. Now my hubs and I watch anime all the time. It's weird lol.
The Air Force guy.. Can I marry him? 😍 lol
Fuck yeah!... Ranger Up and Art15
"90% of my time over seas was spent playing volleyball, shirtless." - True Statement
Andres This is why I don't like war movies, except Fury.
Love how they rag the Air Force guy. Real stuff people.
Actually the guy in the rangers shirt has a sad story. He suffers from a rare condition knows as Pneumoniae perfecta. When he was young, his mother told him he was worthless and abandoned him at a hospital. He grew up in an orphanage and was bullied for his looks but he always tried to stay positive. He told himself that he would always believe in himself and achieve his dreams, no matter what others said. When he got older, I completely made this story up and you've wasted your time reading this.
Ranger up!
Nick & Matt!!! RangerUP & Article15!!!!!!!
The dudes laugh at 1:29 😂
That's nick from ranger up!
He fell like a blind roofer 😂😂😂
Isn't the dude in the cap MBest11X?
I was in the Air Force.... Hahahahahahahahahah .... Just kidding lol
Lol @ laughing at this Air Force guy.
I remember my RDC would quote Full Metal Jacket all the time. Actually, Full Metal Jacket, Top Gun and Team America were the most quoted movies during my time. Not so much Commando.
Its more majestic than a unicorn and a rainbow!!!
I love how much the one guys yells! lol Earmuffs! lol
They do realise that the DS from Full Metal Jacket was an actual Marine DS
That guy from the air forces' laugh! lol
Mat Best is love, Mat Best is life.

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