Very Funny Interview of an Indian on Skype!! Must Watch

Very Funny Interview of an Indian on Skype!! Must Watch More Video Join Funniest Video Ever
Very Funny Interview of an Indian on Skype!! Must Watch
Published on 12/11/2017
Very Funny Interview of an Indian on Skype!! Must Watch
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they are really kind people and so what if his english is not so well at least he is still better to others
i don't find it funny.If it is a real interview,then why do you have to upload this in facebook?Respect the person,even he don't reached the standard you're expecting for.In fact nobody is perfect,he might be good in actual performance of his job,the only problem,he is not good in English.You should be professional enough in dealing with the applicants.
indians are good......they are very kind...
Love his confidence and innocence..
The company shouldnt have leaked this interview. Not profesional.
"Putting my screwdriver everywhere"
not funny, these people are brave and bold, they know they have this accent and people might laugh at them and they still put it up, they are proud of themselves. Respect to him
The guy is really innocent.. at least he is trying his best...
This guy is the most wanted person by America than Edward Snowden,not for the killing of thousands, but for killing of English language
and what so funny with this video??!!! you are discriminating Inidan.. and so what if the english is not good?? try talking using their language so you'll know how hard speaking other language. Do'H >_<
good.. his confident is more than those who can speak English better.
good luck for your future..
I love his confidence :)
not funny at all, respect..
Not laugh nobody Petfect
Sir he chat with girrrrrrrls in facebook :v
Unprofessional cunts who leaked video into public. Someone should find this guy and then sue this dodgy company who does interviews on skype. I would be pissed off.
That is absolutely fantastic ... Sir your hired , u open minded technical mad wrapper collecter talk soon in spyke ....
This from billy :)
im proud of him please don't laugh at him
If you will listen carefully you will know that he is good. He understands the questions perfectly and answers them honestly... he is fit for the job as a Network engineer... He is not applying for a CALL CENTER JOB, OR A TELEMARKETING AGENT..... If i am the Human Resources Manager, I will definitely hire him.... (Y)
This is really bad.. i mean they make fun of it and its not right.. I hate when some ppol try to discriminate this kind of ppol.. its sad not funny at all...
my understanding in the word "i put my screwdriver everywhere" was maybe he mean He can do anything or he know everything... anyway he's an electronic engr.... and works at a big telephone company... he simply wants to expressed that he knows screwing everything even screwingg Gurls....
I dont think that its funny doing such a thing with a private skype interview and making fun of some one's personality, language or accent...I think we egyptians are having same quality of English accent in other people eyes and still no one is making fun of it better than we talking on behalf of this person
well its not funny to me and if this is real, i envy the guy, he doesnt speak english well but he finished his education and got a job and moving to a better one if ever... unlike me neither.... RESPECT!
He could be a great hardware tech, but do not put him on the helpdesk for English speaking people. :)
Annika haha the new accent we need to try, British Hindi haha
It's not fair to leak his interview on social media.
Data Protection Act.
I lost it at "And am putting my screwdriver everywhere" hahahahaha what an interview.
he is still very he is not a native english speaker...i think the company should keep his confidence level....not his english coz he understand very good and communicate also...what they need then...
He is just honest..;-)
His doing his best,I do believe being a hardworking is important than ur ancient or languages you have.
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Hamid Shaeri watch this hahahaha :)
Sarah AW والله فيه خير هه
David Delaney Liz Oddy Mark Silvia D'emanuele Coral Harvey Chantelle Torres
Hahaha Zahid I couldn't find your comment so dint like it but any that was too funny haha
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Doina Vivsic
Please do not let such these accents answering the phone for technical problems, i always have horrible situation to just understand Indian accents... we respect him thats different...
This cant be reallity . If it is i dont want to love on this planet anymore
Jirô Katsutoshi Akemi, Kaamil Kkd, Arnoldo Castro Zaldivar
I think the guy did this as a joke. chill out and stop crying
Hazel Lara Tacac, Justice Tacac John Emmanuel Tacac

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