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User submitted STRAIGHT UP 1 vs 1 FIGHT
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Published on 10/18/2017
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I like watching fights, but damn some people ruin it with your race's remarks.
Them look like buff ass migets lol
Is that Kevin Hart???
It's a shame how we africans adults can allow our teenagers to fight and stand aside laughing
How old are they like 5
No yelling no jumping just straight contact good fight
That's the way every fight should be.
No Grabin no grabin shut the fuck up this ain't no sanctioned boxing match you stupid fucking idiots
Nowadays it's technology! The Caucasian racist have others brainwashed to hate who they oppressed which are blacks (Hispanics are a prime example of how they depict their hatred on blacks) while Hispanics love them, when in reality the racist hate your kind to. NOT ALL CAUCASIANS ARE IGNORANT THOUGH SO I'M NOT GOING TO FALSELY STEREOTYPE A GROUP OF PEOPLE BASED ON THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS.
Straight up nice fight
How is it a 1 on 1 ?
Is it a boxing match or a fight? I've seen this in many of these videos and it always baffles me.
got his ass beat by a 9 year old
Honestly, that was an decent 1 on 1 fight. No jumpins no ridiculously rodwy intervals. Fighting is just that, no one in this video was getting stomped out or brutally kicked. #Caucasians that say this is a bad fight or some weak ignorant term used to offend the black race. Those people just aren't fighters, the best they have is to jump someone or be in a fight when they came with a lot of people!!
For once one on on fight
You guys need new racist material yall say the same shit on every fight ..
It's about time you put up a REAL fuckin fight!!!
i hate when in street fights ...some idiot makes then stand up. WTF? Let them fight...choke, bite, eye gauge...its a fight not a pro boxing match
No grabbing? Since when does a fight have to become a boxing match?
I hope it was worth the fight because violence is not the answer but.....good fight guys as long as it stopped there
I rather see them fight str8 👆🏾then🔫!!!!
"And 9 hits later I don't know where I'm at"
Respect for keeping it legit
Fukin both cant fight for shit
Dude was trynna grab the whole time like a bitch
Why do blacks always break it up and start over..hell let em go if one is down stomped thier face in..that's why I only wear steel toes..kick a fieldgoal and not think twice about find a racist remark in this comment..
You know the racist can't bring us down with the hypocrisy, manipulation, lies, assumptions, generalizations and lack of knowledge anymore. Those days are clearly over & a lot of us love our history and wouldn't have it any other way. It's good and bad in EVERY Single RACE SO THE COLLECTIVELY JUDGING US AS A GROUP IS A FAILURE. PLUS WE DON'T REALLY Need To PUT OTHERS DOWN TO MAKE OURSELVES FEEL SUPERIOR BUT IT'S CLEARLY WHAT RACIST DO.
no yeling for ones
Mark Ledbetter niggers ? Wow really be glad you're in Arkansas
Don't break it up big guy might of won . Wtf
Nice one on one no jumping my type of the end of the day everyone safe n alive
Good fight!
Why does everyone have to be a referee? Just let them fight until one is done!
Both kept it g ... win or lose .
Hopefully the racist will skip pass this one, no ones jumping, but then again
He wuzin that strong knock out!!!!!
Wow first time I've seen blacks in control , nice
Stop giving JP The Monkey a reason to live. You can all see he has no life.
How the underdog made,
that's how it's done! good one!
Fast little fellas
Brothers be like idk what to do since ain't nobody Jumpin in shit

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