Usain Bolt stopped the interview, here's why. Mad respect

Usain Bolt stopped the interview, here's why. Mad respect
Usain Bolt stopped the interview, here's why. Mad respect
Published on 10/23/2017
Usain Bolt stopped the interview, here's why. Mad respect


THats not even his country so thats mad respect.
respect boss man (Jamaican accent )
Bad Ass Bolt. Stopping to do the National Anthem, proving respect still exist.
That's a high class man right there. What a boss
Eww why would you do it for America?
That's class! No matter who's national anthem is playing, everyone should do the same Frank White III.
Yea he would have stopped for anyone's national anthem. That's respect.
Yeah I saw this isn't he awesome and he not even an American
forthe american national anthem at that
Mad props! Not even an american!
If you don't give a f*** about this country there's the border. Run!!!
NO matter where you are from you should show respect. I love it.
It's mad or nah? ... Danny ... Mad or nah? .... You can't even be cool when your tryin to be... And nah were not mad at all you're just and idiot
haha Shimada Bajon
Gabe Courts that "war song" doesnt really do much for me, except for the time I heard while standing next to my Marine buddies.
Lotta Respect shown there, Classy person Usain Bolt
more respect than our president Nick Jerry
Thank you sir
Elie HenryGB GhanaBoyCaric JamesSamuel Kayila
Andrew Thompson
Matthew Canizares more respect than some Americans
Mad respect for him, and what he has accomplished. :) So cool!
so much respect for this man even before this video...he is truly an alpha amongst humanity
Monica Toone Ryan Toone Adam Spaeth Justin Gonzalez Maegan Doiron Taylor Gonzalez
Carol G Barriger
Danny Perez. Never opened a history book
Unique Starson
Always reminds me of Borat that tune
Respect...but the Interviewer should have known
What a stud!
Maria Alejandra Sotelo people dying? you mean innocent mothers and children in the middle east?
We aren't the greatest country by all means, but respect to him for respecting our national anthem.
LMAO! cut the interview off or is it live..yeh ok .. yes . .yes lets dances ...oh sorry sorry the national anthem LMAO Wtf was she thinking hahahah
Bristol Hargis
fuck the national anthem is pure lies fuck america
that dude rules
He's a better patriot than Obama
Christopher Wall Oscar Deleon Steven Garcia Alex Barcenes Nolan Driscoll
He just wants the D
Did she say "ozone" in the beginning to describe him?
Huge respect for this man.
Kayla Thompson
That's mad respect.

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