Unbelievable Pilot skills

Unbelievable Pilot skills
Unbelievable Pilot skills
Published on 10/23/2017
Unbelievable Pilot skills


Yes this is game
Juan Manuel Diaz
Mad dog pilot wkkw Fayren Pramudya Setiawan
This is fucking game not real
hamza Hamza Jibran
que mierda eso si es inpresionante
Anyone know the name of the song ?
i na shto tut like dtavic
And thats not pilot skills its an f35 its exhaust is made to bend downward so it can lift off of the ground like a helicopter those who dont know about the aircraft or aircrafts in general should really stop making these videos to fool people
This pilot made for nepal.
It's a game. Battlefield 3
Is it true or fake???
wow is it possible?
its the worst F35 video i have ever seen...its impossible for its engine its shape and the physics laws for this aircraft to do that
it's fake
Noor N Jessica

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