Unbelievable Crazy Drift

Unbelievable Crazy Drift Listen To Young Paperboyz - Life Philosophy
Unbelievable Crazy Drift
Published on 10/19/2017
Unbelievable Crazy Drift
Listen To Young Paperboyz - Life Philosophy


In America thats not called drifting thats called stupidity.
I feel so sorry for the people who live over there. I can't imagine myself driving with my kid on the highway and some idiots driving around me like this.
This is stupidity and in Arabic its "takhalluff" تخلّف
At least they know how to have fun
This guy is wasting his formula 1 talent. Lewis Hamilton is probably learning how to drive lol😂😂😂
wait are they shoooting a scene for Furious 7 cause it is suppose to film in dubai
What a fucktard !!! Drift? Drunk driving is not drifting. Too much money and not a single ounce of brain
Snaking a straight road isn't THAT challenging. No foot work needed. Just build up speed, flick, and keep countering with inertia. Learn how to take a hard outside line into a decreasing radius hairpin, lock all four, nose in, drop and throttle match down to 2nd, and throttle back into the clipping point, then come talk to me. ;)
arab people are crazy please be aware MUJAHED RASLAN DIAD FAMILY in AMMAN JORDAN they are crazy family they all go to hell maybe God punished them already
Crazy peoples ......no any low ...and no evan any police ?
Drift kas . The do drift when be speed 220 km then do drift
Arab is the #BEST on drift 😒
I don't blame them, I rather blame those silly retards watching. The slightest mistake could kill more than a dozen of them.... Anyways, I believe they DO NOT HAVE VALUE FOR HUMAN LIVES IN THE FIRST PLACE.
This is the peak of stupidity. Drifting or trying to drift is one thing and putting the lives of ppl at unnecessary risk is another. This is just a typical case of young rich spoilt children who r desperately crying for attention.
He's doing all that shit in a Honda accord
Yes!!!!!!!!! Its real i been see by personal show in there arab cn0untry......
Why so many crazy people in this world...
Love to do like this this mix with our blood
Where's isis when you really need them?
I don't have issue with those driving the cars, I have issues with the fools who so believe in the drivers much more than they believe in God by risking their own lives watching the display of stupidity.
That's not a movie,, that shit is real,,, making it more fun,,, stop hating,,, live is a risk anyway.
it's in KSA they are crazy ...
Things can go wrong when speeding, ask your self what your mom will feel, when someone knockes your door and delivers bad news and what you've done to your life. Seriously in comma, fighting for his life, Arabs children are the stupidest in the world. 90% of illiterate must be blamed..
not even 1 American guy will do drift on 200 speed ..!! when u see this it will take the shit out of u .. idiot .. america is just famous for bikini girls lol :P
that my country
yha neh,only in my dreams can i do this,big up to the guy with pipo with guns in the car,man has skills
Screw Mercedes and BMW. I'm so getting a Honda Accord
Awkward moment when car flips and kill and mames everyone in the car
You don't drift with a front wheeler, you drift with the power to the rear the beemers n the the Nissan GT-R
thug life XD
Arab crazy ,money crazy , everything crazy but mi really like dem
they are mother fucking idiots because they luck habits and knowledge the dont understand that they can end innocent lives because of luck of a brain he drifted near a school bus.....fuck u bitches
they ar just plying with the car..#ARABMONEY
Y cuando se matan?
Bellends 😂👊
In a normal world Drifting is done on a track where there is no any objects on ur way or any other drivers going to work.. But this Saudi Arabia nd it's out of this world!! ✊👳😎
Porque no te avientas unos drift así Omar Mendez
هذوله ناس همج ومشايفين مع الاسف لفلوس تصير عد هيج نماذج 😏
Really incredible, unbelievable
En Culiacán Sinaloa se ve a diario
Is he drifting in a honda accord? LOL
It's sad how this people waste resources that are not readily available for everyone to use. What's the need to kill yourself and others, because any slight mistake could cause death. oh stupid Arabs this is not the way of holy prophet muhammad peace be upon him. You need to wake up from slumbers and follow Sunnah of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. why writing lailah ila Alahu on the car you are using against the word of almighty Allah. This is not funny at all. It's call supidity.
This is only happening in Arabic countries wow what a bunch of idiots
That's not drifting that's called stupidity.
Da fuck is this shit
mee da miedo esta gente ni ellos mismos se quieren y se quieren matar cuanta estupidez humana
What type of Honda they got geesh
دا اسمه انتحار ...he killing himself
Bad people

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