Two year old singing "Don't Let Me Down"

2 year old singing Don't Let Me Down with his dad.. I have some strong competition on my hands, I love this little guy!
Two year old singing "Don't Let Me Down"
Published on 10/18/2017
2 year old singing Don't Let Me Down with his dad..
I have some strong competition on my hands, I love this little guy!


They're from Brazil you know...
Its actually great seeing that little kid singing with his dad and playing guitar instead of playing toys this kid will be a musician one day great job to the dad :D
Abishae Please be a cool uncle abishae to my kids 😂😂
ohhgosh :">
This baby has already have a taste in music like his daddy . See how this baby hold n strand his guitar right there @ 2 yrs old knows well to have a good gript feeling proud for both of them goodjob DAD UR doing d best for both of u and ur baby.♥♥♥♥ very adorable baby.
🙇Amazing Children and Smart Dad👨
this is tremendous way to create a bridge between parents and children.. The baby is really awsum ^_^ Masha-Allah
Taytay ! Mag aral n kau mag guitar ni Eros ! Kevin Bonrostro Collado
Wow, youre both good in singing that your guitar more.
I want to hear the dad do a cover of this song!! He's really good and to include his son in this video is so touching!! ~Music ~ Life~
Bb Klai Crestfall
He is brazilian!!!
Clever little mine me of his dad dad must be very proud X X
2 yrs. old baby boy singing with his dad and playing guitar it´s amazing :) :) what a talent and happy family :)
Thanks for sharing... Brought back fond memories of my dad playing his guitar and us Kiddos singing back up 😄😄😄
beautiful act of love from father to son: not only does son sing but son also plays the guitar.. awesome!!!
Abigail Chang
Super Cute!
OMG how cute!!! This is what can happen when parents spend time & interact with their children!! Amazing!! Dad has got a really great voice too I must add!!🎤🎸🎤🎸👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Best video I've seen, He is absolutely adorable. Great dad for teaching his son how to play the guitar and sing.
Des McGillycuddy reminds me a bit of when we were in your music room in Ireland and you would be learning a new track and I'd sit on the floor and warble away! 😅😅😅
If we have one, I hope our combined love of guitar and singing will produce a child this adorable. XD
Charlotte Johansson
Hey.. no 1 spoke abt mother.. M v sure this is mom recording. .. dads always show off & moms record as she sacrifice sooooooo. .. much.. in her life & all talk abt dad. If the real dad reads my msg pl mention mention mom here. He is talented & kid so inocently tries 2 follow...but.. lots is also coz mom is there fr both of them
He is a gifted baby boy.. Amazing!!! Nothing is impossible to God. He is a powerful God ,baby use his talent from God. God bless them
Hahaha kaayu chii. Cuuute kaayoo. Unsaon kaha ni paghimu ing ani hahaha 😁😁😁 nana sd ahaha Razel Mylene Ortiz Gregory
Monica Perez Veronica Mata😳😱The level of cuteness is un bearable! I just want to squeeze this little boy and make out with the dad😝🎤 "Don't let me down"
Lol that was the cutest ever💟 I love how he stopped and looked at the camera and was thinking am I going to be on TV,👀 oh well don't let me down😂😂
Robert Rivera this video reminded me of you when you where little always with your dad at church you couldn't even reach the pedals on the drums properly but there you where jamming away,musically talented from birth, you got to teach your little ones to....
Amala Rjn We won't let you down...Even though we think we are not getting the same love as before and knows the love for us is being shared with more people...We still love you the same way as we ever did. Prasani Kbn
follow back me @edlinechaerany
Awesome. .. reminds me my mom teaching piano when I was 2... 3... at 4 I already had a professional music teacher...
😂 I'm dying from cuteness overload. Ollie was just singing to me this morning in our bike ride!!! Love you girl 😘
Ha eso le llamo ser padre en toda extinción de la palabra k bellos se ven ambos y si todos los padres actuarán así todos los hijos guardaríamos el mejor de los recuerdos de nuestro Papá pero apesar d las circunstancias las madres deben sembrar el Amor y el respeto ha sus hijos x su padre 😘👍😘
Cuteeee! ❤
Aww, this is so cute and it's precious, my dad worked with Melissa!ever this I learned to play at age of 7, what a great dad, and we see this set baby learning also, thanks for sharing made our hearts feel happy, good luck sweet baby, God Bless all
So cute
Very cute! Kids are such little sponges, ready to absorb anything. This Brazilian Dad speaking Portuguese to the little boy to sing in English. Too cute!!
Steve Haney dad reminds when when I was little into being a teen listening to you play guitar and sing and then sometimes you would play my favorite songs for me to sing to. Love it!
So cute and talent little boy. I love both dad and son.
dont let me down of course baby boy
Ánh Mập Don't let me downnnn
Mon fiiiiils ! *-* :p <3
i love 21st century dads….i always do things with my daughters and son….beginning in the late 70s, 80s and early 90s. ..yes big gaps…with same guy
bwa ha ha ha ha - I just heard the opening line as it had trouble playing but that was classic enough!!! love it, too cute@
kuya Melcrist excited na ko makita ung jamming nio ni zander . hahaha .. xiempre kasama c ate Jacqueline.. hehehe

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