Turns out humans aren't the only ones who like puppies!

Turns out humans aren't the only ones who like puppies!
Turns out humans aren't the only ones who like puppies!
Published on 11/20/2017
Turns out humans aren't the only ones who like puppies!


No doubts, it's very sweet. But I think monkeys should live in the wild because they belong in the wild!!!
Really, just wrong. Monkeys are not for humans to have cute time. Put them back in the wild and maybe even find their real family.
Pisses me off no end, these people who think this is ok.
Another word for cute should be cruelty.
This isn't love this is selfish crap and should be stopped.
It looks to me like that monkey isn't "Kissing" the puppy but trying to suck the milk scent from their mouths.. jus sayin'
Monkeys are mean!!!! Once you step out the room they hit the puppies.
Very cute but wild animals should be exactly that-wild and free
Somehow I really don't think the monkeys are 'kissing' those pups.
Freak show!
Why would anyone want a monkey it's a wild animal and should live in the wild just seems cruel to me why not get a lion see how that loves your pups
Die sind ja alle süss !!!
why are these monkeys wearing diapers?
Why the fuck does she have monkey's
Sorry but this doesn't seem right to me. Those puppies are too young and can easily get infected with germs from another animal. Especially because I highly doubt they've been vaccinated yet, (again, since they're too young).
But, that's just me
Kristina Mosguschin ich brauche auch nen Affen!!!! Der geht dann mit maya und Chester spazieren, passt auf die auf und mit uns ins Kino 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍
This is soooo sweet!
I want one D:
🐒 are cute till rip
Your face off 😳💀
How cute xxx
me entanta ...<3
Just like children it's scary
Aww !
Monkey has a nappy on ?!
Cuteeee 😘😘
Ohhh..they're so adorable! !!
I think it's adorable .
Aapjes zijn geen huisdieren an een touwtje! Vind het niet leuk ze zo te zien .
Какая прелесть!!!)))
They are wearing diapers because "they like to throw their poo in a festive manner " said an awesome comedian.
Just gorgeous xxx
True I have had several monkeys as pets but I was so happy to visit Africa and see them wild.
So sweet ☺️
I want one.
Génial les parents
That's a little creepy
Monkeys are not pets. They belong in the wild.
imi place
This is all kinds of weird. Even the dudes voice...
Is this one of Michael Jacksons home videos or something
Omggggg Willow is like "whyy u gotta be sooo kissableeeeee 😘😘😘😘" lol too cuteeeeeee 😩😩Brian Diaz
Megan Bruner
Poor monkeys 😢
Kei schattig he Tatjana de Kruijf maar wel soort van dierenmishandeling een aap in huis aan de lijn
Maria Johansson Du påminner om den ljusa apan som pussar alla valpar 😁
I think I saw a chain and lead on the monkeys.
Isn't that classed as cruelty.
Dogs are mans best friend, not toys for friggin monkeys, who by the way, belong in the wild. Not in a friggin roper suit like a bloody baby. Grow up! !
Ah so cute
Venu In beging ik schrok me kapot XD Ik dacht van wtf is dat ? XD
Too cute xxx
John Leahy why does the one monkey seem like such a perv lmao
This is adorable

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