Turns out GS350 F Sports do good axis cookies!

Turns out GS350 F Sports do good axis cookies!
Turns out GS350 F Sports do good axis cookies!
Published on 10/23/2017
Turns out GS350 F Sports do good axis cookies!


Lol you called them
Have a used one in the showroom already.. lol
I'm dizy now..lmfao!!: /!
That aint shit
Axis cookies? Hipster.
Figure skating for carz
Bagels for days
Scott Sanders
Doughnuts. That's what they're called..lol..
wth was that.
Shitty video! Not impressed
I can do that with a fucking riding mower. Do it with dry pavement not snow lol
What kind of car was that
video cut off because he was about to hit the curb
Theres autozone lol
In Bellevue and can't ever let a fellow "Kyle" know
Recording while driving, fuck da police.
dude gas pedal is on the right get in to it
Fuck, somewhere it's snowing.
I got dizzy watching that
Keep that shit up in Nebraska. It's 27 degrees but dry down here in Kansas.
Polaris scrambler 400 or 500 works good too in 4wd .......just sayin
Damian Garza we should do this in your nova
Dylan Wheeler your everyday test ride
There's 12 seconds of my life I'll never get back
I call that a waste of my fucking time, maybe hit something and it might be worth watching... dumb ass!!!
Crazy that I do not get dizzy doing donuts, but this video made my eyes hurt...lol
lol me and my buddies were just doin this
I remember my first beer too
Slow overpriced toyota. Motor trend hated the sport.
1320 you need to step up your video share!!
Joe Pace I think I know who this is/was.... Matt
its even better when u can do them on a dry surface
our 08 dodge tow truck can do that
"axis cookies" what happen to doughnuts?
Seen the whole thing someone gets a ticket
Axis cookie??? Dafuq?
Those car can't do doughnuts on dry pavement. They are pathetic
Hell yeah we just down the street from you in my buddies subi.
axis cookies? Whaaaaaat? hahahaha
I have this car man...
my goped can do that in rain
Pretty stupid
I have a 1987 Toyota Landcruiser than could do better than that in weather like that. I want that 30 seconds of my life back.
Uh, gaayyii
lol ease up trolls. It's our first snow day of winter.
thats me in my honda

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