Turbo Bike Wreck

UP AND OVER! That one hurt!
Turbo Bike Wreck
Published on 11/19/2017
UP AND OVER! That one hurt!


Well since all of you are pro riders...not, the previous pass was a 8.89. The clutch that was on the bike was a Gen 2 slider clutch. The clutch is an rpm operated clutch and the bike will take off on you and there is nothing you can about it. With That said, to 60 ft a turbo 1000, you have to launch at 10 grand or the bike will bog. I had just changed clutches and they were real grabby. The Gen 2 was designed to work well with nitrous and all motor 1000's, not turbo 1000s. For 8 Months I Would fight the bike and win, except on this day. On 6psi, my best time was an 8.64 with a poor 60 ft of 1.49. The way I was standing was to keep the bike from creeping on me. Like I said, I know I can ride and would do it again.
I knew he was gonna fall just by the way he was standing lol.
It was not his stance that caused this it is simply his clutch hand that controls it all!! Lmao at some of these comments. Your launch stance is simply put what you are comfortable with rather it be standing str8 up or hunched over the bike. And pros don't lift the throttle they feather the clutch. Bunch of people posting on this that have prob never even launched a bike at the track.
The bike had a clutched one gear variable transmission kind of like a snowmobile to control its launch. The clutch pack froze and the bike instantly went.
Soon as I seen his stance I knew he was gonna take a shit... Ouch
jo na u plakem po ti me fuatin apongon ajo apeshh
That's insane for a stretched bike to do that...
What I don't understand is why he didn't get off the gas? At some point you think common sense should've took over! But then again common sense ain't so common!
He was all upright on the take off... might not of helped out sir. #hugthattank
I hope the throttle stuck or something... if you can't feel it lift with that gigantic swing arm and still not have time to chop the throttle you shouldn't be piloting such a beast... Jack Kippers Kypreos
Maybe learn how to pull the clutch in
Mite want to learn how to ride before you make a ass of your self
Chris Hanna Jaime Hays Slobodan Zecevic Cody Krupp Kelly James Erik Schmelmer Dustin Fettrow
Bruised Ego...
burro kkk
Used to be you had to learn how to work a clutch lever to go fast.They actually used to be hooked to a cable or hydraulic line that actually went to the clutch.In this case slight pressure on the lever would have eased the rise of the bike( hence the skill and practice part) and left that front wheel 2 inches of the track a quarter way down..#oldskoolalwaysworks
that hurt his pride more than anything
Bra now that's some power to make it do that and it's stretch
That's funny. Needs to practice the launch
Lean forward
He did some spinning alright
Asal me usny DRAG bike bnai h ye :-D :-D
Chk this VDO Muhammad Adil
pobre ojala que eso nunca te pase a ti, Dios te cuide siempre en tu moto.
thats what happens when someone who doesnt know how to launch a bike tries to.....look at how the other guys leaning forward and he isnt
To much power
Your know that guy was laughing down the whole track
Here's an idea, if you have short legs you should drag race and not put any of your body weight on the tank at all so you can have yourself a vertical launch party...
All that money no show....
Who wants to see that video in slow motion??? Because I want to see it
You could see it before it happened...dude ain't no rider.
And in the right lane we have Stevie brute Langston Ryan Langston Justin Sullivan Trey Ross Tyler Miles
Lol he didn't make it no where
Dat nigga was sitting Indian style😭😭
What an idiot
He wasn't ready lol
Damnnn that's cray af Joe first time I've seen this happen off the tree
Yup gota feel that in the moring
Could have been saved so easy, smh
That's what happens when you have more money then skillz!!
He deserved that what a idiot!!!
Well the massive swing arm couldn't help this dude Alex Zemer
Whoop whoop
Abort! Abort! Abort! Lmao

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