Try Not To Squeal At These 10 Golden Retriever Facts

Try Not To Squeal At These 10 Golden Retriever Facts
Try Not To Squeal At These 10 Golden Retriever Facts
Published on 12/10/2017
Try Not To Squeal At These 10 Golden Retriever Facts


Please do a German Shepherd one !! 🐺🐺🐺❤️❤️❤️
Too distracted looking at the puppies to read the facts TBH
Please adopt dogs, dont just buy Golden Retrievers.
I know you get to do whatever you feel like, especially with the hard earned money you've earned.
but think about it atleast :)
Ima pitbull owner but if I had to choose another breed this prpbaly be the one
Labradors>golden retrievers
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I want a golden retriever!!
Do a lab one! And a rotty one!
My golden retriever was an AWESOME Dog!
@chrislawton we'll get a golden retriever instead
I love golden retrievers. Theyre the layed back farm dog. Sadly, my golden retriever is pretty close to white and get skittesh/scared of people even his own owners.. Had him since a puppy..
I love my Golden Retriever!
I had a golden retriever/yellow lab and she was the best I could have had
Do a Doberman video!
I've had many dogs but there is something very special about Golden Retrievers I shouldn't have favs I just <3 them :)
Golden Rerievers are my fav dogs <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I have a golden retriever mix (we think with Corgi but we aren't sure) and she's the sassiest little dog on the planet.
And That's why I like golden retrievers. 🐶🐶
Now I want a puppy! Thanks buzzfeed! 👌😜
10 corgi facts please!!
My golden is mixed with Border Collie and is 15 years dog EVER!!!!!!
Johnny watch this video about 47 times
Can you believe that it is illegal to own a golden retriever in Beijing?
The lightbulb fact 😂. Totally a golden retriever thing to do!!! 😂
My one golden retriever can't swim, she was never raised like that like my other golden who can swim
now if they can find a way to keep them from shedding soooo much
Up next: a Labrador video!!
Loved my Emma the golden retriever. Now have an inside mini golden doodle ! Love her!
I'm not usually a fan of purebred dogs, but I love retrievers. The most recent dog that I grew up with (and is still alive at my parents house) is half golden retriever and half blue heeler. She's the sweetest and most loyal dog ever!
They also have the highest bite rate towards strangers, but they'll never tell you that :P. Beautiful dogs, great family pets if you raise them with the kid. But I wouldn't recommend having a Golden Retriever THEN having a kid.
We love our beautiful Golden, Lexi. She is sister to the litter of puppies from the movie Scary Buddies. She is our first Golden and it is an absolutely amazing breed.
Do one about Doberman Pinschers!!!
Golden's the the ONLY dog to have....
So glad to be a Mom of a beautiful Golden Girl, Lily <3
10 more reasons why we should get a Golden Retriever if we ever get a dog Hanna Marissa
My best friend is named Sonny and he is a Golden Retriever . I love my Sonny so much. He is so lovable and cuddly. The sweetest dog you will ever meet.
Amber Gardner I don't remember if you pup was a pure golden retriever but this made me think of you!
Hmmm ... There are Golden Retrievers that retrieve?
The best and smart dog Turkish Kangal.. Everyone can check it! ;)
I loved this!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me and sharing!! Sorry dog fans, there's NO BETTER DOG THAN A GOLDIE!!!!
Goldens are seriously superheroes!!
I love golden retrievers but I prefer my labradoodle. He's a sweetheart.
do a labrador retriever pls
Love em, really great adoring and adorable dogs.
I just watched it for the video montage of GOLDEN RETRIEVER CUTTTIIESSS!
Now do one about Labradors. :-D
Labrador retrievers are pretty awesome too
Aww I miss my old Golden. He was the best.
My favorite dog, I had several goldens and they were amazingly friendly and yet protective at the right times, very astute judges of character.

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