True Statement

True Statement
True Statement
Published on 10/20/2017
True Statement


What do her looks have anything to do with the statement? It's very logical and true. And to me, a pretty girl that sucks all kinds of dicks is worse than a "not so pretty" girl who doesn't. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
What if their Gentiles fall on the floor? Is that wrong?
they hating cause they can't handle all the truth in this video
maybe she should stop eating cheetos, at all ...and work out ...
i would never put my genitals in my mouth
Samantha Pauloski
Daniel Minick II Michelle Owens Allison Her
In all fairness, I wash my genitals with anti-bacterial soap and body wash. When is the last time you soaped a Cheeto to eat it?
If a pussy was on the floor for a few seconds I wouldn't eat it.
Christopher Ortiz
Annika Wilby
Joseph GeekSquad Simpson Michael Caldwell
Katelynns logic? Katelynn Korchinski
Curtis Kerwood LMAO
Ryan Bukovich
Zachary Tanner 😋
Ya true dat
Anna Leimberg Spencer Cristian
John Rubio Jr.
Ashley Nichole Freeze
Mark Rubio
Word. Kwaku Addo-Osafo Aaron Irving
Alyssa Lynn Rhodes
Cody Fayter Marcel Nystrom
Mind Matter
Funny but yet she did it
Jacob Jared
Lauren Dame Connor Roycraft
Savanna Hofer Megan Costello
April Imogen O'callaghan omg
Jordan Daniel Withers
Kearston Burton omg
Crystal McLaughlin
Rosie Alderton
Omg. Yes.
didn't anyones mother ever teach them that if you don't have something nice to say don't say, tweet, or post anything at all?
David Franco
Kirzlyn Gabriola 😂
Jenna Elizondo
James D. Mick
Georgia Swain hahaahah
Mike Buttacavoli
Kamen Brown
All about the pleasure thang
Eric Masta Bates
Arielle Defiore
Lauren McMaster
Luis Castaneda Guillermo Meza
Mendisa Levien Felicia Samuels
Alexander Jeffries

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