Trevor from GTA tells a fan "GO FUCK YOURSELF"

How awesome is this?
Trevor from GTA tells a fan "GO FUCK YOURSELF"
trevor guy fucking
Published on 11/24/2017
How awesome is this?


No-one applauds me when I do that.
It's weird how when Steven tells this guy to go fuck himself everybody applauds, but if I do it, I'm called an antisocial psychopath.
rip headphone users
hahaa that's fucking brilliant
I love how he just turns into Trevor, he starts to walk like him, he makes the faces. He really got into the character.
how i wouldave felt when if he yelled in my face then felt like the coolest kid of all time
That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done to a fan
Being told to go fuck yourself by Trevor Phillips. Nice.
Lmfao Trevor is beast! If they make a gta movie it would be golden
i will make it my primary objective to give trevor one
I give this to you sir
" I'm a pc user and I don't get this "
What an honor. Most celebrities would either tell someone to "go fuck yourself" either behind closed doors or from a distance. Trevor's VA was nice enough to go straight up to the cameraman and politely say it to his face. :D
that guy is awesome ! only he can make cursing you out an awesome experience .
For those that want to watch it from everyone else's view:
58 theres a granny laughing and clapping lol best grandma ever!!
that was absolutely amazing
Hot fucking damn. That's a win.
This is so bad ass, it gives me chills.
When he stood up and walked over i was like "oh shit this just got real!"
I would be honored
shup ut Omaba!

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