Trampoline fails never fail to make us laugh!

Trampoline fails never fail to make us laugh!
Trampoline fails never fail to make us laugh!
Published on 10/18/2017
Trampoline fails never fail to make us laugh!


Just imagine... If there are so many filmed trampoline fails, just imagine how many UNFILMED fails there are.
I don't understand why people follow this page... 90% of the videos are of people doing something funny and stupid! So why follow something you don't think is funny? The trampoline videos always have me laughing!
I don't laugh at trampoline videos. I cringed! 😦
The last one is hilarious fail
I'm with you Natalia La Rosa. I've never understood why people getting hurt is funny. I've never watched an episode of America's funniest Videos. For that very reason
They don't make me laugh-- some "fails" look painful and down right serious. Ouch!
Failed to make me laugh. I'm a quad due to a trampoline tragedy. I failed. Funny, huh?
I don't find these funny. Watching people really hurt themselves? Aha wow so funny.
Conor Maher dont feel as bad falling of mine now😂😂😂
Some of these videos are not funny at all. I don't understand how people can laugh
I shouldnt laugh but omg its funny.
I never laugh at trampoline accidents ! Trampolines are very dangerous and hurtful !
Sounds like a tongue twister "Fails never Fail to make Us laugh" about Trampoline blunders never Fail to make us laugh? .....Or trampoline Fails are guaranteed to give us a laugh?
Did the gig die america's funniest home videos
Too funny, painful to watch,
But hilarious!
Patricia this should make you laugh 😂xxxxx
Hahahaha so funny made me laugh
It is America's funniest home videos!! Of course it is funny y'all duh.
they never fail me to laugh :D
I agree!!! I have never understood why it is called America Funniest Videos and how people getting hurt is funny. Yes, the ones sending in the videos may think it is, but its NOT. Guess it's bc of Christ in me that I dont laugh
I've never thought videos with people getting hurt were funny.
Hahaha...oh my stomach, thz funny
Yea. It's totally funny when people get hurt right? And the spinal cord injuries that can result from these "funny" trampoline accidents are funny too right?
These are not funny! How can you put people getting hurt on this show and think it is funny. None of these should win!
Funniest? how about "America's RUDEST Home Videos??? they're hurtful sometimes. :
|I think trampolines are dangerous, but these are funny !
This video is so funny n you were right mihija I got a good laugh but I'm so sorry for the people who fail from the trampolin
No Mark do not get her a trampoline! We had one once. They are really dangerous. Why do you think there are SO many videos! And they are not always funny
Holly Dunmore thought you would like this because i know how funny you find it when people fall over
I hate trampolines. So dangerous. I agree with Felicia. So not funny. Just a disaster waiting to happen.
it may not be so funny, when someone gets hurt. i hate these things.
Cause I thought this was funny 😌😂 Phillip
Funny but I do not like these things these are dangerous
Funny things that you anion hahaha😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Needed a laugh-- this was hilarious
Good thing we didn't fail on that trampoline 😂😂😂😂 David Corrales
Why can't people just keep scrolling or unfollow something they don't think is funny there is a block button. Me and all 15 of my cousins played on trampolines growing up and NEVER sustained serious injury. Worst we ever got was pinched fingers from the springs.
"Trampolines are dangerous" Lol I ride 1,000 pound animals for fun for crying out loud and get hurt worse when I fall down the stairs. Are we gonna ban stairs because one person gets hurt walking down them? Are we gonna ban dogs because one person gets bit? No so just go on living in your boring little bubble and let the rest of us enjoy the fun and funny things in life.
Lol brings back memories from when I got moon bounced off a trampoline but managed to grab the outside of it and ended up underneath it
That's not very funny , scary is more like it!!
This made me laugh so I'm sure it'll make you laugh too! Lol Lauren Stashko
not funny - dangerous
Don't think these are funny! So dangerous!
Katie Keding reminds me of you with all your trampoline fails ova the years. Hahahahaha
Trampolines may be dangerous, however not a single one of these is placed where its supposed to be. No one of these was being used properly and not a single one had the proper safety measures. Nets, spring covers, one person at a time, no holes, don't jump from one to the other. People take the warnings on a hair dryer seriously (don't use in or near water) but not on a trampoline.
Some of these were funny.
Some not so much.
Sommer Kayley not even that funny but i know you'll find it hilarious
Personally I don't think it's funny when people get hurt.
I fail to find the humor in people getting hurt
This is not a funny. They will break their Bones. This people no brain

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