Trailer Burnout!

EPIC Trailer burnout by Crusty Nova! How to make clouds?!?
Trailer Burnout!
Published on 11/17/2017
EPIC Trailer burnout by Crusty Nova! How to make clouds?!?


Here's my "crusty" in the works
crusty nova
Nothing on farmtruck
And these are the sheneigins that hot rod misses when they don't let 1320 video cover drag week. #1320videodragweek2015
Repin' the 417!
The "realist" shit i ever saw!
Cool shit!!!!nice car
Miss the old 63 Nova
Randal Dougan
lv dat
That's not a Trailer skid
I like the old Nova! Very cool car!
Love the Nova
hell yeah thanks to wait holds the tires to the ground
Even pulling a trailer he smokes the shit out of the tires, hell yeah!!
That's a nova for ya
Chevy family...
Can do better in my truck!
Fuck that is a stupid person lol
That'll do
I'm currently in search of 62-64. Prefer unmolested.
Co owned 13 at one time and had a lot of fun with theses cars back in my day!
Love it!!!!
my kinda fun!
Definitely didn't need the water box lol
Lucky that water was there or else he probably couldnt have burned ouy
Now if only the camera guy could hold the damn thing still....
smoker car
That's not a trailer burnout,do it like some redneck Aussies do,burnout on the trailer while it's been towed along the street .
Es como el nova del chona , que arreglo el goyo, ( el unico carro que le ha quedado bien... !! hahahahahaha !!
Need New Tires?
Sounds amazing
Happiness is a big smoky burnout! Sweet cloud!!

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