Touching Someone’s Junk

Touching Someone’s Junk
Touching Someone’s Junk
Published on 11/24/2017
Touching Someone’s Junk


"You say you're sorry and... then you move to another state" lol
"I'd just be like hahaha... and then I'd let them touch mine." LOL.
"I've gotten the dick in the shoulder a few times..but I've also given the dick" lmao!
Ok, why did he continue to grope his crotch? I feel like it should have been obvious that there was no popcorn there as soon as he touched the fly. Second, why did he let him CONTINUE groping his crotch?
He leaves his hand there for an hour and thoroughly groped around. That was no accident 😅
So a couple of years ago, I bumped into an older woman at church. And it was one of those scenarios in which you try and go around them and you end up dancing for a second because you each try and go the same way, so I just stood there and was like "okay, you go". And I thought she was going to go around me. But she didn't move. So I took a chance and attempted to go around her and that's when she decided to go for it and we both whammed each other. So I grabbed her elbow and was like "I am so sorry" unfortunately, her elbow was her boob. I was completely mortified.
"Whistle while you quirk" omg this song title 😂
Be like the guy that pops out of the mortal kombat games "whoopsiiiiiii" then disappear
The guy at the end reminds me of a super attractive Seth Rogen
If I ever accidentally touch my sisters boob. I'd hit her and get mad at her for even having boobs in the first place. Lol.
My usual response is, " anymore and you'll have to take me to a dinner and a movie."
My brother accidentally hit my boob and then pushed me and yelled "omg u hit me with your boob" pretty funny after that
lol "you say you're sorry and then you move to another state" "::P
I thought your dick was popcorn im so sorry
It's about that time again, Buzzfeed After Dark!
What about when you're walking in a crown and you accidentally semi hold hands with someone. That's shits scary
Why are the guys at buzzfeed obsessed with dick?
I'd say "All I wanted was popcorn, but all I got was cockporn".
There have been a couple time where guys accidentally grasp my boobs with their elbows and I'm just like .___. I think it'd be better to say sorry than stay quiet. Like, pls tell me you noticed I have boobs. At least.
What's about the butt brush up against?
Lol never happened to me, it intentionally happens between me and a friend. If you grab my bewbs, I am grabbing yours. Equal sexual assault.
Boobs are not junk! They are individual National Treasure!
I've also given a feel dicks in my life too😂😂
What about that awkward butt grab?
If you accidentally touch your sisters boob you have 2 options.
1. If she says "ow" you laugh.
2. If she doesn't say "ow" you hit the other one harder.
What about accidental butt touches?!
Say you do me next.😜
Once in high school one of my guy friends accidently punched me in the boob, but instead of apologizing he laughed at how small my boobs were...
As someone who has played rugby, wrestled, and been in more awkward situations than I care to's not that big of a deal in my eyes.
For the one's where I accidentally touch, I would make eye contact and keep doing it for a second, then laugh
If someone accidentally touched me I would grab their hand frown, then tell them I'm in love with them, then laugh
I have giant boobs so accidental boob bumps and brushes don't bother me... Hell if someone makes a big deal out of boob brushing me Im like "it happens all the time." Then grope myself... Great way to make new friends
lol!! "I would...Ew!!" haha kills me!!
If you're like the first set of people that touch someone's dick by mistaking it by popcorn.. Then you need to go get checked... You're peripheral vision is terrible...
what about accidentally staring at the wrong area....
I actually like for real laughed
"Like how do you know what you're touching half the time anyway"
You forgot the moment when you're walking, arms swinging side to side and someone walks next to you and you touch their junk.
How the fuck do you touch someone's junk?!
LMAO at the brown dude who was totally okay with dick touching and came to the sisters boobs and it was an "EWWWW" right away haha
Hilarious!! 😂😂
I'm sorry I thought your dick was popcorn.
The more awkward occurance is walking down a crowded hallway and her hand, at her side, while turning, accidently cups ur cock while ur hard...
I'm always hit on the boobs so it's okay hahaha
Many years ago a nun accidentally touched my front and I just pretend it didn't happen.
You forgot the scenario that happened to me once. i was sitting at a baseball game when the drunk guy next to me tried to pass by and fell, face first, into my lap. Good times. Good times.
BuzzFeed knows what's up
lol what?
No encuentro tu comentario pero hahahaha !!!
are you running out of ideas buzzfuck
I'm in the nursing field. I touch other men's junk and women's boobs all the time. lol it's part of the job description. But it's also karma because my patients grope me all the time. lol So if/when I do it outside of work on accident I am so blunt about it!

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