Top 5 Battlefield 4 plays!

Top 5 Battlefield 4 plays! Credit: Chaboyy
Top 5 Battlefield 4 plays!
shit andrew chaboyy
Published on 11/17/2017
Top 5 Battlefield 4 plays!
Credit: Chaboyy


the dude talking is so annoying
"open beta"
ok 1 and 2 are impressive but the others are so so
2 years ago clip, you must worked hard to find it! lol
my god, someone actually managed to play BF4 :o
damn, the map is huge. Didn't know :C
Why is he talking like Santa?
Chaboyy Is so fucking good.
Dat jump at the end of 5 lol.
Old as shit, you actually only uploaded it now?
*Sarcasm* Wow that sniper is so great. It's not like I haven't done that before.
BigMooney is better :)
Look at the top spot
2:56-3:00 there's a cat wondering around!
not even close to the amount of skills you require for Counter-Strike
man, your voice gave me cancer! why don't you shut the fuckk off and let us enjoy the plays!!!
well where its the cooperation with your team mate that bf fan boys was saying about ?
Videogamemes uploading outdated videos i see
Chaboyy legend ;))
The heli should have explode.
That's Ponylion and Stungravy for you.
Adam Reed i love ya to death but this shit right here we will never compare lmao
that's why i play ARMA 3
Ash Channing Liam Tebbutt Connie Lee the clips are good but the commentary is just brilliant
Marc Thomas Tim Öh David Chumachenco :D der letzte
Danielius Kušlevič TOP 1 must be you
Fynn Jürgensen hahah nummer 1 ist so geil :D ja is so mein ding :D
Ibrahim Abou Ennor
Josh Allaway
Jamie Murray Ashley Jay Hopkins 1&2 are mental!
Issam Rahmaoui
Cody Rogers
Cesare Gobbi Daniele Galassi
Caleb William Butterfield Harrison Buckland-Crook
Cameron Stitt. Holy shit. That Number 1
Matt Wilkinson Andrew Grant the last one
Cameron Waghorn Sean Hall Simon O'Hara ...Clip#1 is epic
skip to number one Matt McClelland
Jonathan Negronlook @#1
Valerio Marazza
Andrew Rey Chavez
Billy Ball Andrew Arthur
Keerati Leeanant
Liam Richmond Malik Rowe Just like back in the day
Bilal Yasin
S'èr Hiimo
Alessandro Melucci

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