To the men and women out there making "Night Moves" we appreciate ya! This Rolling CB Interview is here - LIKE Big Rig Videos for more videos in your newsfeed!!

To the men and women out there making "Night Moves" we appreciate ya! This Rolling CB Interview is here - LIKE Big Rig Videos for more videos in your newsfeed!!
night truck move light
Published on 08/17/2017


I'm a "Night Moves" kinda Guy! LoL! See Ya in Louisville Chris!!
How come all them nice trucks got shitty sounding radios I've watched several only heard one worth a damn
Mclane kissimme
Nice job Christopher E. Fiffie!! I'm actually a huge Bob segar fan too!!! Miss this truck!!
You should def make som rolling night interviews. Lets see them lights :) som great shots here 😊
My favorite video keep up the good work
It makes me watch the video 20 time what a fine looking rid
Sweet baby Jesus!!! 😛😛😛
Thanks for posting!! Definitely re posting!!! 😎
Night time is the right time!
Hey Kevin
I don't recall night moves
Like that when you and I
Were trucking most of are
Moves were dark and no lights or noise
That rig is sick!! Lots of $$$, time and pride was put into that ride!!!
It makes me want to drive again
this one might beat lemke's
So when will you be doing these from the west coast? We have quite a few large rides out here.
Night time is the right time!!! Beautiful Truck & great vid loved the music too..keep er lit boys n girls 🚛💨💨
amazing!!! (y) yeah make a rolling CB interview at night, dat is so awesome with all the lights from the truck. (y) (y) (y)
Jason Pino for you buddy working all these nights
That song makes the video 👍
Clinton Mack James Carber Chet Ellinger David L Worrall Cory Cornell Happy Friday!! Wow..........
Great Sled an Song😎👍
Must be kinda hard to see with all that glow inside. I hate even having my gauges fully lit.. Beauty truck tho.
So when going over bumps or backing since bumper so low he won't rip or bend it.
That's Class !!!!
Asaaa k perro se mira
Great truck great song nice video
I share
A beautiful rig and Seger along with it you can't beat that with a stick!!!
The song and the jake brake.. Great combo
What is the reason for the front bumper flipping up ?
Oh Yes...nice job. Thank all of you truckers for your services and your hard work.
Does anyone know whether you can take a truck with a mid roof sleeper and put the flat top on it. A flattop 60 preferably. Or if anyone can point in the direction of someone that can tell me
Thats a badass truck!!
Bad ass
Pride In Your Ride
Omg a nice peterbuilt and some nice chicken lights
Amazing !!!!!
Great Video !!!! My Daddy was a trucker Leo R. Durbin Sr. and my brother Leo R. Durbin Jr. From Lebanon Mo.
This is neat
Looks awesome!!
Datz some NightCrawling... Cuz datz how I Roll...
What's the point of having such a long distance between the cab and the trailer? is it just for show ?
That's ice cold
What's the name of that song
Workin on those night moves:) #lovinit
Mario Regalado I met this guy this weekend and the guy who helped build it awesome people
He'll bell
Yes indeed
Can anyone tell me what that songs called ?

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