shit gta thug
Published on 10/20/2017


This is some bollywood class shit right there.
"gta v is so realistic"
She just needed to 'wing' it....
I see I'm not the only one who's got Lara Croft as my GTA Online avatar then XD
you mean lucky life ..
No Fucks were given that day...
A shame the guy can't aim for shit, controllers for you
LLLOOOLLL WUT..... Sombody played way to much gta or been WAY TOO LUCKY XD
Hotdog good show
That. Was awesome.
Like i give a fuck
Is this nerdcubed???
Just where is she hiding that ammo
haha omg. That's impressive!
u can use this logic to jump from a building
OMG !! Claire !!!
Mission Impossible 7 confirmed
*winning arse hue!!!!
That guy was absolutely retarded. Karma?
that's amanda looks like lara croft tomb raider 2013.....
Demasiado épico
That is amazing
se guillo jajajajaja lo intento y no me sale Giovanny Malave mira en youtube sniper vs stunters para q entiendas
"all planned"
Is that nerdcubed's character?
I swear, you only find these kinds of stuff in GTA V
is that ellie?
Sameer Kumar thug
Kacper Maciejewski u say wut ?
look at that Ivson Meireles Tavares
Sylvia Ohlson x'D
Linus Wesslén John Östblom
Leo Lam
Mother of jesus Kevin Haseeb Ryan
Siddhant Bose Karnavir Rana my current mood Prerna Mehra
Lachlan Hasted Darcy Molloy Dineth Dissanayake Jacob Kemp Cameron Aavik Mitchell Andrews Kisina Brookes Chris Chiou Holy shit....
Alejandro mad skills/bullshittery goin on here
Ramez Saged Saydahmat Saydikirim Zohaib Malik Ahmed Al-ErYani Aeron Foo Lucky Lau Hui Ying Haha
Anthonie Archambault Kevin Beauvolskwagen Sam Vaillancourt Whatup x)
Jacob Hallam Ryan Booth Taylor Drew
Bennnnn non hahahahaha Ian Linde
هههههههههههه Mòhámmäd Ał-bàłbóuł
Harshal This is some bollywood class shit.
David let's play this soon
Daniel Merhi mate

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