Throw this one straight in the spank bank!

Throw this one straight in the spank bank! Built by Dallas Performance, LLC
Throw this one straight in the spank bank!
Published on 10/23/2017
Throw this one straight in the spank bank!
Built by Dallas Performance, LLC


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Dallas performance tt .... and not the easiest to drive with the race clutch at all.
Love how no matter wat kinda video it is there's always haters out there...always got something shitty to say about something. Saying he can't drive it.lmao he's pulling that low ass car in a fukin trailer for God's sake. Must be butt hurt b.c there "twin turbo 2000 h.p" car is rlly a damn mini van or rusted out truck or a hold ass honda with 200k miles on it. Smh...Ppl and there hatin now adays. Get over ya selves.#lameasses
It's Dallas performance or something like that right? 1500hp? Doesn't do slow well lol clearly
Sounds like shit... Said no one ever.
I think it's awesome to drop that kind of money on a car only to TRAILER it everywhere.
I doubt anyone realized that his turbo made his V12 sound like a Cat diesel.
Ever heard of mounting a wireless remote controlled wench in the trailer? Solves the problem and oh a lowered trailer on air bags.
Paul Altag Daniel Templin dieses pfeifen von den Ladern bei selbst so wenig Drehzahl 😍
Was gibt's schöneres am Morgen ? 😊
Ricky Cervantes Santi Flores Dustin Werner Omar Duran Octavio Botello Efrain Carrillo Edgar Flores
Sounds good but looks like someone can't drive it
What a waste of 40 seconds of my life
Christoffer Evers när får jag höra turbovissel från din? :)
Learn to drive a stick fool
Sounds like a freaking freight train
That thing is beautiful.
cuz were all gonna spank our meat to it rite? rite?! seriously guise. guise seriously. guise... seriously
Dakota Larsen
If I had a dollar for every person that twin turboed a gallardo I could afford to do it myself
Robert Tyler ready for takeoff?
Cameron Marston
Nathan Dziuk sweet sweet music
The clutch in these cars naturally slips when not under WOT. Not sure if his is an egear but mine is and sounds just like this. It's normal
Guys, clutch on that car is no reg honda, toyota,audi, benz clutch, stock onenin lam is way much stronger and with crazy hp, he has a way stonger one that he can ride it, with power that car has go uo that tight ramp he needs to do lil riding it in if not who knows if he fs uo the car going to fast up it
I know what he's buying before next race day. A new clutch!
Damn that sound just close your eye it can be anything you want to imagine lol Fabian Ramirez
Riding the clutch dude can't drive worth shit
Kevin Hudson
Travis Cobb
Yea soon as I get home
Goodbye clutch!!
Det vet man aldrig :) Andreas
Matt Smith
Niklas Lord låter slö
This video makes me want a lamborghini Edward Zain Bowen
Cody Hartman Fucking gorgeous
Dan Parsons
Gabriel Valadez
Daniel Giannotti Steel Seres Lee Smallman
Timothy Liga
Sounds like an jet engine
Steve Rosa
Say what u want I build fast badass cars for a living but u can't tell me any of you wouldnt drive thie piss out of that thing
Benjamin Moreno
Darren Phillip
Sounds amazing
No one cares about cars being trailered, we care about cars on the damn STREETS!!
The low flying kind
Israel Duenez
Leticia Rivera Vazquez mira que porqueria de carro

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