Thoughts You Have After Being Snubbed

Thoughts You Have After Being Snubbed
Thoughts You Have After Being Snubbed
Published on 12/11/2017
Thoughts You Have After Being Snubbed


Why the hell didn't steve shake my hand?
This is basically me, I over think everything >.<
Answer to this problem, stop giving a fuck.
One of the many curses of being an over-analyzer :/
I'm glad Buzzfeed made this video because I thought I was crazy. i feel when someone doesnt wave back...
Haashir Hammad Ahmed If we thought itna on every banana, we'd be screwed
Aye Sha Jaimie Eager....this defines nearly every single moment when I'm outside the comfort of my home
Maddie Armstrong Emily Townsend Haley Noble me with every human reaction ever.
Udhay Bhakoo lol Simran Bhakoo Koo Bhakoo Maya Kochhar Babita Bhakoo Maanta Kochhar
Kimberley Bridgette Dimitriadis hahaha I like this. Truth 👌
Frolic Tamseel Tanwir Awan Sumaiya Rebia Arshad
You guys Consuelo Diaz Patty Diaz
The guy from dating naked lol
He's from that naked dating show! Lol
Hahah Alee Bonnue this is Lorenzo Pancotto
Callum Sinclair yes that is you except you say all of your thoughts out loud
Liam ReillyOscar Kohut
Brandon Neve Gabriel Moore literally every little thing hahaha
Tara Khalilnia This is my life with everything LOLL
Erin Preston Omg lolll haha XD On the toilet tihnking about a handshake hahaah
Jenessa Peyson Eva Shaughnessy Alisha Chalifoux Meagan Eldred This is actually how i think guys...i'm so sorry....
Manar Mohsen hhhhh
Hahahaha. Awww.
Matthew Kebohale Kasbon
I agree Kane Keleher,I'm not sure why ppl think that makes it more funny.
Szymon McFly
Lmao! Kendra Kaitlyn Hofee that is good hahaha
Richelle Mac Intyre 😂😂
Should be titled "I'm neurotic" who obsesses over that
Aussie was on "Dating Naked!"
ik its not the same but doesn't this remind u of something Larah Diab
At the beginning just remind me of you and that night hahah except do guys actually freak out like this on the norm "snubb"? Matthew Byrd lol
Lis McFadden
Everysingle moment of my life, overthinking things !! Katya
Danielle Fairburn this is you !
I'm loving this video. It understands me.
Filippa Ahlenius haha gällande typ allt
Lara Baltzer !
Kathryn Taggart me
Tiana Bergmans
I bet this happens to you a lot 😏 Liam Burrows
Lorna Day the paro
Drinking that unopened Pabst though
Shoutout to Keith's cameo 💁
he didn't shake your hand because you drink Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Adam Sowman lol
This is you, when that builder guy didn't see your hand or he did but he didn't wanted to shake it ooooooo
Sunishma Balla

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