Thoughts An Introvert Has At A Party

Thoughts An Introvert Has At A Party
Thoughts An Introvert Has At A Party
Published on 11/19/2017
Thoughts An Introvert Has At A Party


Yeah this is me. Makes you wonder how it would be if you put all introverts in a party? My guess is it would look like a 6th grade dance.
This is an example of social anxiety. That is NOT what an introvert is.
Story of my life
Yeah, pretty much! haha
But I normally avoid going to parties all together.
It's like looking into a mirror. Just switch me out with a lovely lady. Are you free later. You should do something. I'll be in my room.
I'm more introverted because I don't have a friend to tag in the comments like everyone else does...
Hence drinking. Lots of drinking.
There is absolute NOTHING wrong with being an introvert ... the poor reluctant party-goer just wasn't being true to herself to begin with or she'd be enjoying her evening at home with her Hagen Das! I've learned to respect and honor my preferences instead of thinking there's something "wrong with me" because I'm not a particularly social person and I enjoy the comfort of my solitude. Not everyone marches to the same drum and it is absolutely OK. Those with social anxiety are fighting their own preferences ... they are uncomfortable in social settings and are not respecting or honoring their inner feelings ...they're afraid there's something wrong with them because they don't enjoy the company of other people and they're also afraid "everyone else" will think there's something wrong with them, too.
this is so me.
Ana Maria it's only 10:30? Let's leave anyway. Ok. Haha
Migo Buenafe
If this isn't "introvert thoughts" this is "every human that ever attends a party's thoughts"
Lol Jamie pretty much! Time goes slow when you're forcing fun!
Well I'm a introvert myself. Though I don't go to huge parties like that. Its not my scene lol. I rather go to a place with people I know instead of random people, and nothing too huge. Though the draining thing yes quite true lol. Along with topics, and a little breather time to time lol. Small groups are better, no house party lol. :p Then when I get home its me time! lol.
Omg this is exactly how I think, its torture haha 😂😂🔫🔫🔫🔫 Chrissy Long
so mee i even prefer never going ,i thought i was all alone nice knowing i got many like me out there.
Casie Ward Paige Maree Abbie Anderson My life.
This is so Hanna
Jade Engelhardt Rachel Martin Kelcee Drow
Felicia Cruz lmfao!!! i totally get it, thats me too when i go to parties and i just have to socialize so i dont seem like a weirdo to my bfs friends or his sisters friends lol but it always works out well and wnd up really liking certain people the key is to drink drink drink then its like whatever just start random conversations to people next to you lol
Sierra Ciara HAHA XD
Tish Patterson
Hannah Hannah
Shannon Fanella Alexandra Hayes Kaitlyn Marie hahahahah i think this is a problem that i have
Megann Michelle Bailey Lybrand
I don't go to parties for this reason. You Heather Pick?
Sarah Beer Alyana Denise Marave
Lmaooo. This be me Nina Yang Gao Ly Moua
This is why you guys never take me to parties Dolores Yvette Carrillo Rebekah Rayas 😒😔😔
Sanna Haynes Michael Gorgoglione :) I know you'll understand!
Ann and Chelsey: Us? :)
Lol this was too funny! 😂😂 Pamela Chavero Eddie Medellin and nonsense we have been nothing but social butterflies lately! Haha
Sendhi PadasayRoMarie BongoltoTrixy Marie Esberto
Deanna Chin Xiang Nan Shimran Sharp Asha Arya Madeline Mowat 😂👌
The part about interactions being draining is SPOT ON
Kari Clayton I actually feel like this sometimes when I go to shindigs alone. haha
LOL Alvin this is us
Is this what goes through your mind? Haha Ryley Widell Colton Cowell
Jay Castro - LMFAO
It's allll truuuuue.
Sergio Montoya Souphalak Nyles-Christopher Bilavanh lol
Me. Alyssa Prost Ashley Teske
Ha Elena! This is exactly me! 😂
Macy Olinger Katie Hill my life
Isaac Tyler Valles Nick Envy it's Justice Valles at college parties
Makena Blacquiere Courtney Alex Capelle lol
Bwahahahaha!!! Monica Morris the EXACT reason!
Christa Michelle Campillo Arjón Marcelino Campillo Axel Calderón
Michaela Lewis Sabrina Price....this is why I can't go NOWHERE without either one of yous!
Audrey Sembalerus haha this reminds me of you and your personal space.
Mandie, Angie

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