This Video Finally Explains The Difference Between Foods You've Been Mixing Up Your Whole Life

This Video Finally Explains The Difference Between Foods You've Been Mixing Up Your Whole Life
This Video Finally Explains The Difference Between Foods You've Been Mixing Up Your Whole Life
Published on 10/22/2017
This Video Finally Explains The Difference Between Foods You've Been Mixing Up Your Whole Life


wtf is a plantain
Red pepper is a fully ripe green pepper? Who the hell is pulling "facts" outta their ass? In MY garden they are separate plants harvested at the same time.
Marie Xiong we were just talking about the yellow, green, and red bell pepper earlier 😂. They're still part of the rainbow
Plantains are not green when ripe, they turn yellow and can spot even when ripe, they're just not the same shade of banana yellow.
Well done "video" too bad content is wrong. Most "Yams" in US groceries are really sweet potatos (and there are several varieties) True Yams are huge in comparison, even more sweet, darker bark color skinned, and less nutritious. I see 2 varieties of sweet potato on this video.
A bit off with plantain: when ripe turns yellow as well and can actually be sweeter then. Taste great when fried as their natural sugar caramelizes. Also, they are bigger and thicker depending on the variety available ;)
Prajvi Bagga Malhotra
This is flat out wrong. Plantains aren't green when ripe. Yellow peppers start green but don't turn red. Whole wheat bread contains the germ and bran as well as the rest of the kernal. And true yams don't grow in the United States at all - these are just different strains of sweet potato.
Vicky Mata Katrina Mata-Esguerra
Jarrett Galenza you were right yams < sweet potatoes
Im just grateful to learn that chickens have earlobes! Lmao! Patricia Murphy-Brown
What about purple and orange bell peppers?
They cost the same to feed
Marisha look at the pepper one?!
I have red AND white (and dark dark brown, green, blue) egg laying hens in my backyard and one type does not cost more than the other. BS
Kit Annabelle Wu
Cornell Lambert Annette Funchess
BUZZFEED which stupid intern made this crap. its full of wrong info
Anthony Hopkins
Sorry but white chickens don't lay white eggs I had 12 chickens and that being 5 different types not one of them laid white eggs
Karen Catabay-Nagal
Elvina Edson
The facts about plantains are completely wrong. I'm from Cameroon and when your plantain is yellow that's when it's ripe. Now some people might boil them when they are green but they are usually eaten fried once they've ripened and are super soft and sweet
Fiona McClynda Justine
Yah, lots of factually inaccurate info in this. Examples already given are red vs green peppers and yams/sweet potatoes. I'll add eggs. Why is it that I can get brown eggs for less than white eggs at my local grocer? Because eggs are graded by size. The cost of care & feed of individual chickens is nearly irrelevant in factory scale farming.
Ghazanfar Raja red bell pepper =/= spicy right?
Jonny C Hill
Quincy Jeter i told you yams and sweet potatoes were not the same thing!!!!!
Elizabeth Lorusso "man eat these bananas, here let me have one"
Plantains also get yallow when ripe. Some caribben and celtral american countries on the atlantic coast eat them green.
Deb Rose
finally them eggs facts
nope, i know my food.
Nurasiqin Zainudin
Chermaine Ang Sarah Jessica Peiling Huang Esther Ng
sweet potato and yam looked like 2 sweet potatoes, a green banana is not a plantain, it is a green banana and is considered a staple, while a ripe one is a fruit-point is, it is still a banana, plantain and banana are 2 different things you have to cook a plantain first major difference and i dnt have to explain the banana
Fong Kah Wai
Good to know
Lau Ker Chi Important you us! 0.0!
i know everything but i dont know about thw plantains it makes me crazy
Kyle Mallon
Gwendolyn Ann Cheramie did you know?
Monique Ornelas BeautiControl remember we were asking the difference between eggs???
This is some false ass info.
Leo Ig
Tyler Hartt, Andrew Gourdeau Jr
Leslie Owens

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