This Trans Woman Explains Why We Need Genderless Bathrooms

This Trans Woman Explains Why We Need Genderless Bathrooms
This Trans Woman Explains Why We Need Genderless Bathrooms
Published on 10/20/2017
This Trans Woman Explains Why We Need Genderless Bathrooms


I'm a gay man and I have no issue with anyone, but I do have an issue with this idea, male and female toilets should be separate, the problem here is not one that will be solved by everyone using the same facilities, this will open up a whole new set of problems that will cause more distress to a wider community than just to this one minority. I'm afraid I don't know what the answer is here.
A Unisex bathroom for everyone is a recipe for sexual assault. if you're a trans girl, c'mon over to the girls restroom. We honestly don't mind. And if you're a Trans boy, head on over to the men's room and use a stall. The guys will just think you're taking a shit. This should not be an issue. But it is and that's sad.
Gender neutral bathrooms. Great idea. Let's let our little and younger girls use the same bathrooms as grown men. There's a reason mothers take their younger sons into the female bathroom with them instead of letting them use the male toilets.
Congratulations. You just advocated to change things for 100% of the population to accommodate a mere 1% who want it. Way to coexist.
Umm no if you are dressing like a girl go to the girls rest room. I have a daughter and don't want to worry about some creep molesting her in a gender neutral bathroom.
They call it "Family Bathroom"! Every mall has one. B-O-O H-O-O.
Why dont we all just stop being arrogant and let a trans person do THEIR buisness where THEY feel they should be. Gender neutral my ass. A trans woman isn't neutral, shes a woman. Let her use the womens rest room. Its not a big deal. Gender neutral bathrooms are going to cause so much uncomfort, rape etc. Its 2015 people. Show some acceptance.
I feel bad for her struggle. But use a family restroom. No way in heck I would want to share a bathroom with some heterosexual perve!!
This is bullshit the amount of danger that would result in genderless bathrooms would be catastrophic
As long as it's a single stall bathroom I see no problem with a unisex bathroom but multiple stalls, NO
Wow didnt think id open the comments and see such insensitive comments
Um I'm pretty sure she isn't saying "everyone needs to use genderless bathrooms".. everyone can still go to their designated bathroom for males and females, but there will just be an extra bathroom for trans people. If you don't feel comfortable with a genderless bathroom. Don't. Go. In. It.
I went into a gender neutral bathroom and was very uneasy especially since there were guys there hanging out and I was the only girl in the stall. They are a recipe for disaster
I've followed buzzfeed for a long time and really enjoyed it. But this video is bullshit lol
Ohok so let's just make it unsafe for the other women.
We had a gender neutral toilet at the last place I worked. Sure it was odd seeing a guy walk out of the loo next to you but nothing ever happened. Women can rape other Women, Men other Men. If someone really wanted to rape you in a public toilet, they wouldn't let a little sign on the door stop them.
No. Keep things the same. If a man wants to change to a woman then he/she can use the woman's restroom. If a woman wants to change into a man then she/he can use the men's restroom. You can't expect everyone to accommodate your needs bc you aren't happy with yourself.
While I do not agree with a shared restroom for all, I am amazed at how many people on here are saying "There could be a MAN wanting to victimize woman and children" News flash: both MEN and WOMAN could pose a potential "sexual" threat. Men and children have been victims to heinous sex crimes done to them by woman. Anyone can be an offender for crying out loud!
I definitely don't care about sharing a bathroom with trans females, my issue is if we have gender neutral bathroom and I as a female do not want to end up in a bathroom alone with a male (who identifies as male). I'd rather just have single bathrooms. I think that's safest for everyone.
Genderless bathroom. Aka "Sex Palace."
*Later Note
I would like to say that this comment was made in jest bc there are some super inappropriate turds who would take advantage of a situation and ruin genderless bathrooms for those who feel comfortable using them. However, the content of this story is anything but funny. I can't imagine not being able to feel comfortable to use a bathroom in public. I do think transgender people should have access to any opportunity or right anyone else has. Especially, one as basic as using the bathroom. My comment sparked a debate about whether or not people have sex in the bathroom, whether or not I'm a bi*** or an a-hole, and, oddly enough, whether unicorns exist. I think the some of the people replying to my comment were more interested in calling me names and debating if people did naughty things in el baño, instead of addressing the issue. It detracts from the importance of this story, and, for that, I apologize.
Umm thats fucking dangerous ?!
Just go to the damn bathroom, it shouldn't matter which one it says I mean damn, don't make a big deal about it. You're going to be in there what? A maximum of 5 minutes?
If you don't identify as anything, then just choose one because you're still human and still have to piss.
It's not about hate but facts she has a penis so go to the mens restroom
WE don't need to change anything. YOU need to NOT change your gender and expect people to change everything in their lives to suit the new YOU. I'm not hating, there's just many reasons NOT to do this mostly for safety, but also these renovations are extremely costly (I am an electrician in construction). I'm not hating and quite frankly couldn't give two shits what gender you choose to be, but remember YOU'RE the one making that choice NOT the rest of civilization and WE do NOT need to conform to it.
So much ignorance and completely baseless fear in these comments. I'm disappointed in you, internet.
Hey I'm an ignorant bigot! and I hate things I don't understand! I like to be an asshole behind my keyboard. Happy v-day... You people make me sick.
I think yeah, there should be genderless bathrooms, but there should be male and female ones in addition to that. Not every woman feels comfortable using the bathroom next to mean and vice versa. We should respect that. But we also need to respect that not everyone identifies as a specific gender and if you are trans, you should be in the bathroom you identify as.
It is so sad an disturbing that these people (yes they are people too!) can't even use the bathroom without facing ridicule . It disgusts me that it's 2015 and there are still small minded vicious people out there. #karmawillgetyoufucker #chinsupmylgbtcommunity!
Seriously. Now they're trying to get their own bathrooms?? How about this, stop trying to get attention. If your a trans guy go to the girls bathroom, if you look like a girl anyways no one is going to care. If you don't make a huge deal about it. And vice versa! If you're a girl who is trans, and you look like a guy, use the guys bathroom! And if that's really such an issue God forbid you use the right restroom! We need to stop making such a huge deal out of gay people. You guys are going to get stares, that's just part of choosing to be who you are. Stop trying to make us conform to you! If you choose to be trans that is fine by me, its your body. But don't try to make it a law that every company has to have a special bathroom just for you, because truth is you're the minority and not every business can afford to accommodate you. You reap what you sew now get over it.
We don't need that crap.
No matter how many transformations you decide to do to, you still a man, or a woman, that's it. There's nothing more. You are not greater than nature.
You decided to "change", it's up to you, that was your personal thing and I respect that, the world cannot be like you want to, and doesn't orbitate around you, or anybody.
No, a sign on a door isn't going to stop a rapist, BUT you are allowing for an environment that will be beneficial to them...
I'm not worried about the trans people, I'm worried about those that will take advantage of an opportunity.
One cannot change DNA
If you're dressing and trying to be a girl go to the girls bathroom if you're dressing like a boy use the male washrooms...that's a horrible idea would you really want 9 year old little girls going to the washroom with grown men???
I have no problem with gay or lesbian people, I actually have a few gay friends. I am however against the LGBT or what ever the hell they are. To me they LGBT are the radical gays who will not be happy until they have everything their way whether or not it means attacking other people for their own beliefs. As a Christian I don't hate gay people, I always say hate the sin love the sinner but when an LGBT member finds out I believe in God I get attacked. I don't care if gay people get married just don't force people to be apart of it who don't want to be apart of it, I don't care if gay people have kids just don't get mad when not everyone accepts it, and I don't care if trans people don't feel comfortable using a male or female bathroom because you can't force others to feel comfortable about unisex bathrooms just because you are. I personally don't feel comfortable using the same bathroom with men I don't know. I already feel self conscious in female only bathrooms as it is so sharing it with men is a definite no.
I want her lipstick
all you people commenting negative things should be ashamed yourselves. seriously you actually believe rape will go up? you do know rape isn't about gender or sex at all right? smdh you people need to learn that people are different and to accept that, i gladly share a bathroom with a transperson than the stupid bogots on this feed. you people need a rality check and worry about yourself and stop worrying about where people take a shit. if you don't want to use a public bsthroom with a transperson then keep your ass at home. transperople are not sexual predators theh are people too
I'm sorry that she struggles with this, but there are men and women who live together and do not use the restroom in front of each other. I would not even feel comfortable going into a public bathroom to wash my hands if there was a chance there would be men in there. That is just asking for trouble. What about when my little girl needs to go? I would have to take her to potty in front of grown men!? No way! There are too many pedophiles and perverts in this world! It's a shame that anyone would be ok with this idea.
Ehh. I don't want guys i dont know hear me blow it up in there.
Gender neutral bathrooms are SINGLE USE, ONE TOILET, it's not designed like a regular bathroom with multiple stalls and/or urinals. -.- seriously people, use your brain.
This is pretty darn super naive. It's not an issue of transgender rights where most of the flack will come about. Yes. Homophobia and transgender phobia will play a monstrously large part in this debate but most of the blowback will come from women not wanting to share restrooms with straight regularly gendered males. Part of it will be credible and valid criticism. Can you not predict the obvious sexual harrasment that would ensue drunk douchbag hick men who find themselves in a restroom with an unaccompanied female in a mixed restroom of a crowded dive bar? We have a long way to go society wise before we're ready for this to be placed into full public policy practice.
If you have a penis, you belong in the males rest room. If you have a vagina you belong in the female restroom. I dont care what your brain says you are. Physically you are born a male or female.
Genderless bathrooms really are just bathroom stalls.
If it's not awkward at home, whys it awkward in the public?
It can also be a singular room like in some places.
Genderless bathrooms should exist, she didn't say "only Genderless bathrooms should exist"
Think of transboys safety too, please.
Also, people are gonna get raped in regular bathrooms too
Think a sign on the door stops them?
Guys rape guys, girls rape girls.
Trans walks into guys room, they can get raped, or beat, maybe arrested.
Trans walks into girls room, they can be beat or arrested, maybe raped.
Thinks signs are safety? Nope. But it's safer for them because some people believe in the signs and they have no choice but to as well.
Everyone is missing the point completely. Did y'all even bother to watch the video before crying oh my god me and my child will get raped and murdered.
West Hollywood passed an ordinance requiring all businesses to have a single stall gender neutral bathroom. This takes a way the discrimination, hate, violence, and other horrible things that would happen while using the restroom and waiting in line. Many other businesses in California have added this already without having an ordinance passed. No increase in rape or murders. In fact not one single case of a person laying in wait in one of these gender neutral restrooms.
I cannot stand when ignorance runs a muck.
The problem I have is not with genderless bathrooms. Just the comments on this feed. Most are indicating push back simply because there could be child molesters or rapists. Let me put it to you this way, there is nothing-AND I MEAN NOTHING-keeping men out of women's restrooms and women out of men's restrooms except for a sign signifying to which sex that restroom is associated. No bars. No locks. They could enter at any time. Also, have you forgotten safety in numbers? Additionally, most of the mothers who commented mention BRINGING their child with them into the restroom with them for supervision. Personally, I don't see a problem with genderless bathrooms.
I didn't realise this was an issue. It's awful that people suffer because of something they can't help. Especially when in vulnerable situations such as in enclosed spaces like bathrooms. Thank you for raising the awareness, opened my eyes. Gender neutral bathrooms, no matter how strange it may seem, is a good idea.
We really don't, there are soooo many more important issues to be addressed first , to be worrying about restrooms ! really really ? There's pollution, healthcare, poverty , unemployed, rapes , racial , teen pregnancies , roads , infrastructure , weapon abuse , education ,obesity, the list goes on to be worrying about restrooms !
The ignorance of so many of these people. I liked this video and it hurt my heart to hear that she was shot in the face and now has a glass eye... The risk is inherently higher for a trans person to even exist in the world than for a woman and man to share a restroom and something bad to happen... Either way, I am positive she meant to have an ADDITIONAL bathroom for neutral or just one bathroom that is a single stall but anyone can use. Ba da boom.
If it's referring to a one room, one toilet, locking door rest room then those already exist. No issue for me. However, a multi stall public restroom that is gender neutral? No thanks.

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