This Single Girl Held An Open Audition To Find The Perfect Boyfriend, And It Was A Hilarious Mess

This Single Girl Held An Open Audition To Find The Perfect Boyfriend, And It Was A Hilarious Mess
This Single Girl Held An Open Audition To Find The Perfect Boyfriend, And It Was A Hilarious Mess
Published on 10/21/2017
This Single Girl Held An Open Audition To Find The Perfect Boyfriend, And It Was A Hilarious Mess


you're almost too Jewish lmfao - she's like a sprinkle
I thought it was cute ,). And guess what, ladies?? it takes guts to go all natural for the camera. She is real and she wants to find a guy who will like her just the way she is. No makeup, no hair done n no Cinderella dress on. Bravo!! I betcha once she does all that, she ll be as hot as Natalie Portman.
shes awful
Jay Strehlow why are you the only one who takes your shirt off?
Guys aren't attracted to the whole "bag lady" or "crazy cat lady" look. She might wanna start with a makeover.
That guy's special skill is picking up scissors and dropping them very quickly??? Thats a skill?
It would just figure that the perfect man is already taken
She should ask the guys that what they think about her. I will love the hilarous replies ;)
This chick is datable, it's just her vibe comes off too strong with how she takes herself and maybe love. That's why she can't get a dude. Whenever a guy talks to her she maybe comes off as a stuck up bitch or someone that's balls to the walls.
Besides that lmao to the dude who says Natalie Portman is a sprinkle of Jew and she was frontal Jew. Didn't know there was an amount or a degree of how much jewness to make you Jew or kind of Jew.
She didn't bother to ask if they were single? lol
Manal Majed Erika Torres Stephanie Cantu Marissa Cantu i actually like the one with the forest green shirt 😜 lol
Definitely awful. Funny that's the one question she didn't ask any of the guys. Duh! And she wonders why she's "really really single"
OMG do ur hair!! Wash it and it will make a world of difference. I was like wait did she just wake up and come straight in told hold auditions?? Not trying to be mean but im saying you have the whole "i need a shower, tips clipped, shampoo and conditioner" look. Guys wont even take a second look because its like your saying i dont care about me or my appearance which its probably the opposite.
I thought she was going to choose the guy with the glasses that moved her bracelet lol
Luisa Fernanda Martinez Katie Reed Andrea Gutierrez Tori Lee lmao!!
Noo!!!! U don't do that!!!! They have to like u to!!!😳😁😱😰😬😶😵😲😒
Omg that's so you because you would choose the one that's getting married!!! Chandler Mattéa😂😂
NOOOOOO CHILLLLL 😂😂😂 I would do this in a heartbeat. Iyanna Simone Devonna Crespo
What the heck was that "special skill" even supposed to be? Lol
Jordan Rose Stone Monica Niblett Brittany Kingsbury Meagan Dumford Maia Farber Steph Krutolow Kt Fernandez I know all you bitches ain't single, but it's still pretty funny
Hah ! Wonder why did those guys even came for the auditions😒
Patty Gricelda Jessica apenas... hahaha
Good for you!!! Of course the one you picked had to be already with someone, he had already been trained 😉
Hahaha! Perfect boys are already married, are getting married already and/or gay
Umie Haron... imagine Sha Haron buat audition ni! bwahahahahahaha....
Sarah Smith Rainan Viernes sooo funny! 😂😂
Sandra Medrano this is hilarious
Amara & Mai....maybe you should hold interviews??
Nailed it!!
Kassandra Chambers me omg hahaha
Hahaha!! That's a skill?! Angelica Brissette
hahahahahaha 3:44
This is hilarious
I guess she went too far with the "be true to yourself" thing. Just saying.
Anthony, Lydia. XD
Giulia Gweelia Lima Bianchi
Durri Zahir :P
3:14 is Bret from Viral Video Film School!!!! OMG
Ruby Gold
Yael Mekler
Cecilee Torres
Stephanie Arnold
Saad KabaniShaazan Wirani
hahahaah Sandy M Vang :D
Kate Macasaet hhahahahah
Sharlynn Sarmiento

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