This new born baby doesn't want to leave her Mother. Isn't this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

This new born baby doesn't want to leave her Mother. Isn't this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
This new born baby doesn't want to leave her Mother. Isn't this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Published on 10/18/2017
This new born baby doesn't want to leave her Mother. Isn't this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?


OMG! my babies are 58, 57, 54, 52 and 51.and I can still remember each and every birth, the first time I laid eyes on them, their baby smell! Not something a mother forgets! I love you my "babies"!!!
That made me cry so beautiful remind me when I had my daughter and soon as I pushed her out she was hollering then when my doctor gave her to me and I said it's ok Tamarri she stopped crying looked at me and smiled the best experience any woman can have is having a baby 😇👼👸🙌👶👣
This is beautiful but does anyone else see how big the babies hands are?
Keara i can feel my ovaries shooting out eggs!!
This is so sweet! It reminded me of this moment when I was visiting my 3-lb preemie baby in NICU. My husband took this picture & he didn't show it to me until we got home. :-)
This is amazing..How beautiful to watch,brought tears to my eyes..Mother and child bond nothing in the world can get inbetween that bonding of love..
I'm sorry but I have to say I have read so many many many posts complaining about how wrong it was to take the child that soon and I don't know if it's right or wrong but I do know that the biggest saying I could see in that video was a newborn child hand laying on his mother dying head almost as if he was touching her telling her I'm here fight we just went through all of that Mommyy we can do it fight mommy I'm here with you and can you imagine if she was sending the strength it took for her to fight for her life and to succeed and to live that close to death... The baby's first skin to skin contact with just his hand on her face, I'm sure the baby felt more strength coming from his mother, than most of us will ever feel in our lives or 10 lives. I wish more people would write more positive comments..more positive comments of the incredible impact the mother and child had on each other at that very moment, how beautiful it is the child's hand on her head like holding her here encouraging her showing her the at just minutes or seconds old he was there for her.. use his strength and start the fight... And she did just that and thank God she made it.. So even though I wish people would be more positive and see the real life true miracle of the his whole experience I know I can't change them..but I can sell the Mommyy I blue shoes a beautiful strong awesome person and I can only wish I could of had even the smallest bit of what she has in her and what she gave her child... God bless you... And thank you for reminding me that there really are angels among us
This reminded of my 2 1/2 Ib baby in 1984 he was premature born 31 weeks but progressed very fast and now he is 30 years and he is a surgeon
So beautiful. There's no greater love in this world than that between a mother and her child. The child knows that too and for them there is no where safer or better than being next to their mum. Nothing can replace the love, warmth and comfort that only a mother can provide her child, right from when they are a vulnerable baby right through to when they are are an adult. In the eyes of a mother, their child is always vulnerable and for that reason just like they loved, supported and carried them when they were in the womb, a mother will always love, support and carry their child - no matter what age they are x
this makes my heart hurt when i think of how many aborted babies would love to hold on to their mothers.....:(
Absolutely beautiful! So touching. So sad that many children may just walk out of their mothers lives when they get old.
Absolutely beautiful
Notice the baby mouthed his mums cheek looking for the nipple, which is where they should be put on straight away.
I am glad to be born a woman,so I could experience this magical moment,Ladies we are so blessed
Oh My GOD.... such a beautiful & touchy moment for a women a MOTHER....
it proves that just born baby how well they know their mother even though he/she can't see ... only their soul keeps them together.... Love it
Mine can be mama's babies forever!!! Nothing makes me feel better than when my mom comforts me or my sons seek me for comfort!!! Best feeling in the world!!!
A baby before it's even born it knows it's mothers sense
It's almost like little baby is comforting mama.
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen 😊 between a newborn baby and her mother.
I love these babies. They are little baby people with blood of their mother's running through their bodies from day one and then the nurses takes baby but baby has a brain and heart that's still connected to it's mother. The baby knows
I am the only one that think that mother didnt want the baby! Because she not even cry of happiness or kiss the baby! She is more like! Okay!
What a beautiful Child! What a beautiful Mother!
I cried like a baby. sweetest thing I've ever seen! And as mama to 2 c section babies I didn't get this and it melted my heart for this mama and baby but broke my heart cause I didn't get that chance either time.
Just born child knows she is my mother and cries for her..
This is so beautiful 😭 a bond with a mother is the most amazing thing ever ❤️, love my momma so much that women is my Bffff ❤️
Wow, simply amazing the love between a mother and her new born baby xx
The baby feel alone without her/his mother's so touching.
Mother's love to her baby starts from inside the womb....
How beautiful yep thats mommas little baby right there.
This is the sweetest 💕❤️💕 nothing like a mothers Love 💓
Little baby wasn't ready to be born yet
beautiful, starting the bond right away. Nothing better then the smell of your new baby...
Awe so sweet indeed that baby doesn't leave her mommy
A baby knows their mother. Absolutely beautiful.
I luv babies. He knows his mommy that's so cute. This clip is so beautiful and just made my day.
How Great is our God. The beautiful creation of God's love. Even the new born baby feels love. From the mother.
So sweet. A new born baby knows its mothers voice right off the bat.
This baby don't want to leave his mother. Babies ñooooo.just like the one posted with the baby crying while the mother sings a sad song. They know
This child will be tall. So beautiful the bond between just Born and mother. I wonder how those drugs affect new borns.
This is mother and baby relationship this baby is so nice and i mis my mother
So beautiful the baby. Knows his mom 💝💝💝
How strong blood is. even a new born baby poooooo
the new born want sleep with mom .wow i never seen born
Oh this baby sure didn't want to leave mommy at all, what a special bond they already
Ahhh the baby doesn't want to leave his mommy
What is wrong with the mother? She doesn't seem to want to touch her own baby
This made me want to cry remembering the first time I held my babies! The bond between a mother and child is unconditional 💕💕💕💕💕
That's a beautiful blessing a new born don't want to leave his mother side god bless them both

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