This Man Changed His Name From Jose To Joe And Immediately Got More Job Interviews

This Man Changed His Name From Jose To Joe And Immediately Got More Job Interviews
This Man Changed His Name From Jose To Joe And Immediately Got More Job Interviews
Published on 10/18/2017
This Man Changed His Name From Jose To Joe And Immediately Got More Job Interviews


I should change my name to Charlie? Lmao
Racist bastards😑
whats wrong with JOSE ?
SMH as I read some of the comments on this post.. I am American, I was born in the United States. I am the daughter of immigrants. I often get judged because I don't "look American".. As a minority, I have always had to work twice as hard as a "white" person. As a woman I have had to work even harder. I have never had A DAMN THING handed to me. I have dealt with racism my whole life, in the school system, in the workplace, when I walk into a store on the nice side of town.. I will never try to get my way by pulling the race card. My hard work, desire to succeed, and ambition will speak for itself. Do some people take advantage of the government and the system? Absolutely. They're called lazy but they come in all different ethnicities, white black hispanic asian- they're not just minorities.
It's a sad reality but racism and ignorance will always exist. Ignorant racist people are very quick to point fingers. If only they were also as quick to give credit where its due. Its a shame.
White people commenting about minorities getting more out of this country. Just to show you how stupid and ignorant you are. Keep crying about how they're taking your jobs, while we are bussy applying for the jobs you don't want to work hard for.
Jose (mexican) - Joe (american) --- SMH >.<
No bullshit, I use Frank for everything. Using Francisco no bueno
that's sad. but he's cute, what's his Instagram? 😂😂
And when you tell people this happens they say you are overreacting.
wow...this is sad
I have watched a hiring manager toss resumes in the trash because the names were "too ethnic". Never even looked at the experience - just a first pass of looking at the names. {{{STUNNED}}}
Wow, My friend kept her last name Garcia when she got married . She said a spanish last name would guarantee her more promotions working for the state of California… So I guess it just depends which racist your working for.
Jose Cruz drop that S doe
This is funny because at one point in time when I was out of work I considered changing my name to Carlos Verde to get a job.
Fuck that shit never deny who you are no matter what!
Nathian Dodson.... lol you do realize that this country was originally a Native American country? & that your ancestors from Europe came here and took THEIR land, THEIR lives, THEIR agriculture and so on. Don't spew nonsense please. America is a melting pot of cultures and races. There's no such thing as "our" country. P.S. There are plenty of "Americans" sitting at home doing jack shit instead of working. So hush there with that idiocracy Dodson.
I wrote a childrens book about a horse and a little boy. I was told by several Agents in both the USA and England to change the little boys name from Jose to Joey or Charlie!!!
I refused to change my characters names.......... Instead I self published.
Same happened to me I went from Jesus to Jesse
Ever read or see the movie Freakonomics? Think twice before you name your baby. It's unfortunate but true. And it also applies to appearance as well. I did a study in college...two people with exact same resumes but one good looking candidate for the job and one just plain or short or overweight or bald, and the better looking one always got the job. It's not just racist, it's human nature. Sad but true.
Cold. Maybe I should drop a letter from my name too.
I once went in for a job interview and because I have an Italian last name (by marriage), lived in Italy for seven years and speak the language fluently, I was bought in due to the fact that one of the employers biggest clients was an Italian company. When I got there and was waiting in the lobby for my interview, the gentleman came into the lobby looking for his candidate. He searched and searched the empty lobby looking over my head trying to find his candidate. The only thing in there was lil ol' black me. And surely this couldn't be his candidate. I had to flag him down ( mind you he is 1 foot in front of me and the lobby is still empty. Not even a receptionist in sight!) and tell him that I am the Mrs. Vincenti he was looking for.
We had a great interview. I followed up and never even got a response back.
In the words of Stephanie Tanner: "How RUDE!!!"
Nooooooot to mention another interview I had with a very very well known design company who flat out asked me why I wasn't applying to design for "Any of the Hip Hop companies? Doesn't JLo have a line out right now?"
But that's another story.....
White people need to get over the whole "me/us too" thing, the MAJORITY of you will NEVER have a problem like this, so to Frank and any other white person who instantly goes to this idea that you guys suffer to is immature and shows your ignorance as a person that rather own up and face conversations/admit that shit like this goes on, get your head out of your asses, you'll never know what it's like.... EVER
It's called assimilation and it works. If I moved to a spanish speaking country I would change my name to Catalina (and hopefully, eventually learn spanish :)
That just proves how stupid and assuming people are. It's just sad that something as small as your name which you didn't pick in the first place can stop you from finding employment. I wouldn't wanna work for such racist, assuming idiots anyways. I gotta change my name for you to call me back even if I AM qualified? Simply put....fuck you.
Where I'm from it's literally the opposite. If my name isn't Jose, it's harder for me to find a job. It sucks because a lot of my close friends are Latin American yet I feel discriminated against because I don't speak Spanish.
Works the same for education. If I put all my education on an application I've had it tossed away quickly. When I asked why, ice as told that with my education I might take the persons job that's doing the hiring. And they don't want to cause themselves to lose their jobs over it. Sad but true. I have to appear dumber and lie just to get hired
well I'm fucked
Wow as a recruiter this is embarrassing!
I've often wondered how changing my last name from McGrath to Hernandez through marriage has affected me professionally. When I call clients many act like it's a miracle I speak English because I'm "Mrs.Hernandez." Coworkers think I'm magically fluent in Spanish. Lol
Shame that employers are doing this, employment acquisition should be based on merit! not physical appearance, color of skin, or any other superficial aspects that do not impede you from working properly.
I legally changed my name this year and noticed responses were more frequent in positions I had applied for before. I even remember seeing an interview by a guy said he doesn't hire people with ghetto names.
This explains why so many latinos try so hard to pass for white or at least create the illusion that they are a caucasian conservatives that love Amurikkka.
To survive.
at least you can change your name! You cant change your color!
Everyone saying "don't change your name. Be proud of who you are." Are obviously not people that have bills to pay or children to feed. This guy needed a job so he did what he had to do. Quit saying it's a shame he did that or that he's a sellout. He just did whatever he had to do to make money for himself and his family
My grandpa's name was Alfonso Macias Perez. In the 1930's he asked his stepfather to adopt him so that he could change his name. He shortened his name to Al and kept his middle initial as M. With his new anglo name, he finally got a job. Sad that now in the year 2014, it still can happen.
The sad truth
It's no excuse but some managers assume immediate language barriers with minorities.
Well I'm fucked.
Cawny Esau, Savannah 'Foster' Shaw, Lissa Kay Lynch, All three people have dealt with problems involving jobs in which they could not land an interview until they got the idea to say that they were Latino. I'm sorry, but this crap happens all the time. I'm not shocked, and don't think for one second that it only happens to you! It happens to white, black, Latino, and don't even get me started on how badly Native Americans are treated! Still on reservations by the way. N one else is, or ever had to be!
Buffy is stupid as hell. Tf you mean minorities get shit handed to them?! That's cuz minorities work the hardest to achieve their goals in life! Wether it's Asians, Indians, Hispanics, etc. Hispanics pick up jobs that the American did not want because it was too hard or not enough pay! Most doctors are minorities because they busted their asses off to get there while the American doesn't to work Too hard! Not all Hispanics live off of welfare! To the dumass that made that comment. They don't roll up in brand new cars sitting on expensive ass rims to the welfare office walking in with 15 chains around their necks! Minorities have it hard!
Happens way more often than you think! I have a generic-ish name, and have often been told that I sound "white" on the phone, but when people meet me, they look at me and go "umm... wait, who are you? where's the white girl I thought I was speaking with.... yea... happens, and it f*ing sucks
I saw this on a news show, CNN I think. As a sociologist I am not surprised. As a human being, I am outraged.
I went to a local hospital to receive emergency care, first question asked by the nurse "Do you speak English?" I laughed and asked her "Do you ask the same question to every patient?" I was born in NYC and served in the US Navy for 11 years....I think it made me more American than her because I served my country. I am thinking once I see the hospital bill then I can curse in
Still racism and prejudice no matter who wants to deny it.
At one job, the dentist told us to not hire people with names that were hard to pronounce! That was the beginning... I quit three months later!
Un saludo para todos los Joe's del mundo lmao
96% of the American citizens are NOT Native American (most European,) 😂😂
Fuck Americas racism !!
Spanish people founded this country. Our Nation's First Thanksgiving was in Saint Augustine Florida. 50 years before Plymouth was settled. I'm changing my name to Killer of Wolf; and checking off Native American from now on! Thanks for the idea Jose.
I hate that people are still racist :/

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