This little girl will melt your heart <3

This little girl will melt your heart <3
This little girl will melt your heart <3
Published on 07/23/2017
This little girl will melt your heart <3


What a precious child <3
A good word to the parents for allowing her to not eat animals from that day onward.
This is my daughter! X can't believe so many people have seen it. She is still a vegitaran hasn't had meat since! Fyi for some people she wasn't pushed into anything no one in my family is a vegitaran! The video was recorded after her dad trying so hard to explain and then recorded it to send to me while I was in work " saying help I don't know how to explain to her" she loves animals bugs insects I'm not allowed to even kill a fly in my house x x
U r amazing sweet little girl...! Kindness is the key to happiness...!
I also love all the animals birds. So sweet girl. Tears come out from my eyes. I love you little girl.
Kharin Nicole Sandra Valen how adorable is she? Bless her heart! "I don't like that they chop animal-people up" #ThatPartTho ❤️
compassion can't be taught, it comes from within and flows through your heart . love your little girl <3 <3
Ohhh ur a sweet heart honey ❤❤❤
Omg Aimee Jones you will fall in love! She melts my heart!
Love this innocent little girl !!
What a gorgeous little girl she was crying her heart out poor thing I really felt everything she said God Bless her heart
It is heart touching. Let us follow her.
It's cute but clearly she's being brainwashed by someone. My daughter cries her eyes out over a hurt puppy but a cow is food. That's their ONLY purpose in life.... ever wonder why there's no wild cows? It's called a food chain. We eat all meats and vegetation. That's what keeps the circle of life complete. If you don't want to eat meat that's fine but brainwashing a child is bulls hit and you should be ashamed.
Cute little baby it is really heart touching to see the way she is making to understand the life of animals is equally precious
so true what this sweet little girl is saying
You are so cute. I love you little Heart.
Wowww! Hellooooo! it's break the heart!
Oh dear little girl! What will you say when you see people are chopping each other and sometimes burn others !!!
Ooooh she broking my heart, so cute she loves animals and she doesn't wanna eat it . I like this little girl ♥♥
you are cute baby and you have good heart. I wish everybody understand like this......this world would be peaceful and heaven to live....
Awwww such a beautiful girl..she defo melt my heart
Your great cute & smart little Girl...u touched my heart..hope my kids should watch this....
Beautiful girl beautiful heart ♥
Such a cute and precious little girl....I wish the world would have a heart like this child. May God Bless her.
Phui Yee this girl , i love her ❤😘 shooo cute 😍😍😍
Oubah this sweet girl is so smart
Sarah 😭😭 She broke my heart
Sweet cute angel heart chocolaty
Big heart ❤️ little girl u so cute
Cute bb girl...she cry ..melt my heart.
Aqcually be Right what this little girl said
I love the fact that her dad was honest and told her the truth about what farmers do. She really has a big heart and her heart will go very far. We need humans like her.
Sevara Sanayev בכיתי !
Touched my heart .! Love her mind
She is adorable little sweet girl with a heart filled with compassion !!! Bless you sweet angel !!! Angels with feathers are a fantasy -- you are an angel in the right sense ! God be kind to you always !!! The video really melted my heart - in your tears I found my tears streaming down my face -- in your fears I could feel my heart thumping in my chest !!! I wish your parents understand you and allow you to be as you are - compassionate being !!!
You make my heart melt little girl.
Stella Loo, it will melt your heart. This kid is so cute!
What an amazing u baby..
Please follow her heart she make me cry
This is amazing, what a sweet heart!
Sweet girl you broke my heart 😓
Sweet girl with a tender heart..
Bless her heart, you be a vegetarian, it's in your heart to be one xx
But animals do die everyday, ripped apart by millions of predators, every minute of everyday. That is how life works.
Yes she's adorable and should follow her heart. But honestly, this won't stop people from eating animals.
Yes that little girl melted my heart. She is so loving of living things on this earth. What a big heart she has. I can not help but love her for that.
she is 100% right 😘😘😘
my eyes tears tears for her😭😭
Purest form of humanity.💞 A lovely heart. She is wonderful. thanks to save animals.... i love u beby good work dad support you vegetarian do....
and I wish everybody understand like this..
It's really touching my heart .... n
All people should watch this video......
and specially thanks to daddy for share this video.
Such a sweet girl...........animal people............she really melts our heart
U r correct!! She really melt my heart! My eyes tears for her ;((
What a sweet girl...she's right.
Lovely loving girl . She loves animals & doesn't want them to be chopped up . Great ---- what an idea -- & what feelings. at this age ---She said a thought-provoking sentence ---that -- so all the animals will be finished ' great .--- I love this girl .

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