This kid can not even believe what is happening right now. #lol #adorable

This kid can not even believe what is happening right now. #lol #adorable
This kid can not even believe what is happening right now. #lol #adorable
Published on 10/18/2017
This kid can not even believe what is happening right now. #lol #adorable


That was adorable! And I can't believe the failed attempt at blurring out wonderwoman on her shirt.
It amazes me how people are so quick to criticize things! I am sure the parents will look out for the safety of their child. Obviously some of you didn't have a fun childhood! Sheesh!
That was priceless!!! And I 100% agree...loosen up people!! I raised 2 boys and I had fun like this too. And rest assured neither of them tried to copy things like this. I think we need to worry more about parents who have guns or do drugs or even smoke in front of their children. Now this gives reason to worry not innocent fun like this!!
So cute. There is too much of Don't do this, don't do that, when I was growing up we did everything,. I turned out just fine. Next it will be "Don't pull grandpas finger! Get a grip!
Cute video, too many paranoid comments.
A funny is made to have fun...this is adorable...
Oh my word... Such a cute video. Sad to see people act like they are saints when it comes to raising children. Heaven forbid you try to joke around with your children.... Anywho. Video is super cute.
Yep Linda Solomon, completely agree x
Too cute. They are so gullible at that age.
Cute...again with the judgmental and negative comments. This is AVF, I don't think they would air a video with someone intentionally being harmed or mistreated. I enjoy seeing AFV videos with all of the evil and crap going on in today's world. If you do not like their videos you can remove yourself from their site just as easily as you joined.
If anyone can tell by the video its not hurting any of them, so why should it bother you? Its a very cute video, obviously all of you are negative and have no humor in your life at all!!! For christ sakes people!!!!
Cute but not very safe....He might try this trick n choke on something
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This kids reaction is totally priceless....All the little deep breaths and mouth examination was priceless😂😂😂😂#socute
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this is adorable, we can see this child in tender love care from he/her parent. I enjoyed itthis video thank you very much
Hahaha my daughters face!! When sh e seen this!! She frowns her brows like "really" lol shes 2 n had me laughing
So cute! Remember when you were that age and some things were just so amazing? Remember how happy it made you feel?
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That's brilliant only an innocent child that could fall for that...that look on his face...priceless!!!
god bless him that is what children need it is an actual lesson in life ...will not show now but will in later life
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I can't believe he just coughed on that sweet, the poor kid :p lmao get real people
Look at his eyes, when daddy puts the item in his pocket! ;) :D :v The toddler sees it and knows what's going on - but he's one of the best actors that I've ever seen! :D :D :D <3 He goes with it till the end, so that daddy wouldn't be disappointed in his own acting! :D :D :D ... Adorable kid... ;) <3
Oscar Daniel this is beyond adorable. I love how amazed this cutie is.
Poor little kid next he want to try what daddy do be carefully what u showing toddler to do
Hope it wont happen this baby boy i hope dad explain to him as well.
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