This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princesses Look Like In Real Life

This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princesses Look Like In Real Life
This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princesses Look Like In Real Life
Published on 12/10/2017
This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princesses Look Like In Real Life


Am I the only one who thinks most of them look pretty similar to their characters?
Actually Lea Salonga ALSO did the singing voice for Jasmine! Not wrong, just omitted although I'm happy she got a mention for Mulan. She is incredible.
Crazy how some of them actually look like their characters!
The music reminds me of The Sims 3/4
Ummm...Buzzfeed....Jane is not a Princess....nope!
Thanks for the shot out buzz feed
Did you people miss Elsa?
Jasmine's singing voice is also Lea Salonga.
Agent May was a princess
I'm actually voiced by Chris Reinacher.
Lea Salonga is the singing voice of two official Disney Princesses: Jasmine in Alladin (1992) and Fa Mulan in Mulan (1998)
Nala turned white...
Am I the only one who wishes we could've heard little voice snippets while looking at the pictures?
Was Jane a Disney princess?
The girl who plays the voice of Pocahontas is so gorgeous!
Lea Salonga also voices Jasmine's singing voice.
What about Meg? I know she's not technically a princess but still... She's pretty kick ass!
Ming-Na Wen was the voice of Mulan in Mulan 2, but in Mulan 1, it was Ms. Lea Salonga. FYI
Agent May is Mulan!!
you forgot Elsa
Is it just me or do all the people look similar to the princesses they voice...except Jasmine lol
Lea Salogna was also the singing voice for Princess Jasmine.
Jane becomes QUEEN of the jungle with Tarzan people. HELLO
I thought jasmin had someone a speaking voice and a singing voice
Shana Bond why didn't you tell me fucking May voices Mulan
Doesn't Lea salonga also voice jasmines singing voice?
I was like "oh wow they all look like their characters" and then I got to Jasmine...
Mulan is the fucking Cavalry.
Oh my god it's May from agents of shield 😱
And they forgot Merida!
Most of them kind of looked like the characters they voiced. :-)
You forgot Elsa which is played by Idina Menzel :)
They all somewhat look like their characters
Hanna Cinderella!!!
Jasmin M Evans Pamela June Kent Chanae Emily Jamira Rodriguez Maryan Basco
Vera Marije Kelly Silviana Sara Maaike De maker van dit filmpje heeft zich duidelijk vergist. Dit zijn jullie natuurlijk
Amy Frith Raquel McLeod Maribel Perez Joe-Anna Ledesma Laura Dalley
It's interesting to see that the people who do the princess voices actually resemble the princesses.
Is it just me or do a lot of the women look similar to the princess they play?
I find it funny how most of the voices actually looked like the characters.
Is amazing how they resemble their characters
Pao Lopez Andrea AlatorreJay BelBerenice JimenezDays AlatorreLaura LopezErika Lopez
Lea Salonga also is the singing voice of Jasmine.
this is why dubbed movies sound so bad; they are always the same subset of actors
Lizette Marina Reyes
Wow ! ;) Thao David Vis
they always leave out a few... Esmerelda- Demi Moore. and dont give me she wasnt a real princess, Jane wasn't a princess and neither was Mulan.
Sarah Louise Walker George Heinemann
Radhika Tanna
Sarah Alfaro Lucas mom is Nala!! #onetreehill

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