This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princes Look Like In Real Life

This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princes Look Like In Real Life
This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princes Look Like In Real Life
Published on 11/19/2017
This Is What The Voices Of Disney Princes Look Like In Real Life


I can see the similarity in some, looks wise. ._.
A) Prince Naveen is white! Ha.
B) There was a Full House episode where the Tanner family goes to Disney, and DJ keeps thinking she see's Steve as different characters, and one time, she sees him as Aladdin. Ha. 90's kid trivia.
kristoff isn't a prince yet
Some of the voice overs looks like their characters
Didn't know Tarzan was a prince (oh wait, he isn't)
Was it just me or did some of the guys look like their characters ?
Fitz is Tarzan. Things are starting to make sense now.
Oh my gosh I didn't know Steve from Full House did Aladdin's voice!! I always loved Steve. Lol
This just ruined Prince Naveen for me 😒
Brian Vazquez, the president in Scandal played the voice of Tarzan, lol
The similarities between the Beast and his voice over XD
To me, Tony Goldwyn will never be the U.S. President. He'll forever be the motherfucker who got Sam Wheat killed in Ghost Chrissa Rayle
Its interesting how most of them look like their character
president tarzan
Awkward moment when some of the animations are more attractive than the actors...
Ally Gelles bd Wong your boy!
Trinidad Bolatti Julia Bolatti OMG SIMBA IS SO HOT
Aaggghhhh!!!!! I KNEW alladin sounded familiar!!!!! Lol
Love how they kinda look like the characters.
They didn't say who sang for young Simba, which was Jason Weaver
Linda Tran I was mind blown by tArzan!
You forgot Simba's singing voice
Chanae Emily Pamela June Kent Jasmin M Evans Maryan Basco Jamira Rodriguez
Is it just me or do some of the voice actors actually look like the prince's
Funny how a lot of the time they look like their characters.
Am I the only one who is thinking that characters and real look similer to each other ?
Chelsea Womack I did not know that Fitz was the voice of Tarzan! Crazy!
Lizette Marina Reyes
Is it just me or did a Lot of these cartoons look like the people who did the voices. Almost as if they modelled the toons after the voice actors which i am sure is not the case but perhaps went a little into them being cast for that role. Hmmm... or maybe its just me seeing what i wanna see. Then again the eyes and full mane of hair on Robby Benson... his over all "look"... he screams Beast to me.
Yessss Gawwwd, for Beauty and the Beast and President Fitz as Tarzan!!!!
Betide Amisial Alanah Rae Bernal Kelly Mulligan the president on scandal was the voice of Tarzan! #mindblown
Samantha Wellings Talia Wellings Mandy King
Sarah Ghaedi Vanessa Sawinski Lena Hansen
Naomi Ruth Kroeger
All the actors looks somewhat similar to their prince counterparts.
LLcool Alaina Wilson Brandy Sandra Harris Gabrielle Harris this really makes u think. Idk wat you'll think about but this will def make u think about it
Kathryn Sneade Lauren Zoe Clark
Kaylee Gross and Alex Glover
Is it just me or do most of them look alike? 😱
Elle Cummins Rebecca Rotheram Jesse from Glee played Kristoff in Frozen!
Oanh Anna Linda KimLynn Mini
Afsana Zaman 👏👏
tell me why the voice actors look like their characters
Wasn't Jason Weaver young Simba's singing voice?
Cassie Jane Kremers YOU KNOW WHY I TAGGED YOU!!!!!!!
Lauren O'Kane Lauren Conroy
Nicole Browne Tash Durance Hollie Cheatley
Is it just me or did a lot of the guys look like their characters lol
Berenice Gonçalo

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