This Is What NYC Looks Like To A Bike Messenger

This Is What NYC Looks Like To A Bike Messenger
This Is What NYC Looks Like To A Bike Messenger
Published on 12/11/2017
This Is What NYC Looks Like To A Bike Messenger


so this is what it looks like to almost die
this gave me anxiety
That is absolutely terrifying! Major KUDOS to bike messengers in that area. You're some super talented peeps!
Watch the movie Premium Rush - it's exactly like this :)
So many mini heart attacks
This is thrilling. Holy shit.
There are bike lanes for a reason, and they're asking to die
Looks like the kind of job where you really don't have to worry about saving up for retirement.
I was a NYC bike messenger for 2 weeks before my career was ended by a head on collision with a cab driver. The bike was totaled and I lost 4 of my front teeth.
Bike messengers look like assholes.
Why can't they obey traffic laws?
So cool! And you're burning calories at the same time! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿšด
I always pay my respect to bike messengers. They work super hard! Riding a bike in the city, especially during the cold winter days and hot summer days ... Does NOT seem easy.
Are there any statistics on life expectancy of this job??
Thanks for the support!! Glad you guys liked my interview and footage!!!
wow Greg is still on the road, I was a bike messenger from 1983 to 2011
Dude you don't have to ride like this if you are a messenger.. I m one and I rarely would do any of this. Unless I really have to. Most of the time it isn't necessary and by watching their lines, they aren't really good and I can bet they have been hit by cars before . I'm a bike messenger for about 9 years and haven't once been tag by a car in and I'm brakeless
Who would of thought? "bike messengers are so philosophical"
Victoria Martin this is basically me on my board tho, getting sandwiched between two buses as one tries to pass another is kinda scary but is so exciting
Wow....I see them once in a while the in Manhattan scary job
making a comment about people looking down on him while riding into oncoming traffic and running reds.
How about you stay on the far right side of the road?? And not drive through red lights...
I was a Messenger in Chicago for many years. Though not as notorious as NYC, we have a job to do. Whether it is NYC, Chicago, DC, etc. I always get a kick out of people who say we don't obey the rules of the road, we are reckless. Yeah? I am on a 18 lb. bike with total clarity. I see and can anticipate what you are going to do before you know what your going to do. We may shock you when we come up or around you. Thats because you are trapped in your 4000 lb. cocoon with no awareness. We all are guilty of not obeying the rules. No signal when turning or changing lanes, right on red when you cant, speeding to a red and stopping in crosswalk, stop signs. MY favorite is the people who unload their children in traffic. However, the biggest problem a Messenger faces is Cabbies. In the video you can see, they are everywhere! They have NO regard to rules. You want ME, on my bike, get a package to some other as fast as possible. Then when you leave your building to hail a Cab and almost get hit by a Messenger, you think "THEY ARE CRAZY".
I drive in nyc and the bikers give me hard time and I'm sure they want get hit to sue the car's insurance companies
Jesus Christ I almost had like three hearts attacks just watching this. How do people do this everyday?!?! Total respect
YAS!!!! Exactly this!!! Hilary Cromwell Berny Damian Hernandez Matt Evertson Paco Medellin Carmen Vargas Erik Esparza Dalia Esparza Hector Rivas Ivan Villegas Hrabkovsky Leslie Martinez Emily Vargas
I'm still missing a final piece to mount my gopro to my bike so I can start documenting all my own daily cycling activities !!
this is ridiculously inaccurate. As a new yorker, I can tell, most if not all of these locations are busy manhattan streets. not everywhere in new york is busy and crowded. i've seen many bikers with no issue in battery park city and Brooklyn. this video needs a new title.
Harmeet Hora Rasitha Rathnayake
I met greg ugalde a couple of times Analia Miranda
I'm a part time bike messenger and this sums it up pretty well. To cars and pedestrians, just keep going and let me deal with the weaving through you all. Props to those who do it in NYC.
Burr Parmelee, babe i thought "nope. nope. fuck that. nuh-uh. not about that life. nope. fucking message gonna get me killed" like after every frame.
No you can't.
Will do ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰
io sarei finito in ospedale dopo neanche 5 minuti...
Robert Garcia Adrian Santos Alex Luis Edgar Villa-Villa Robert Alvarez
Appreciate the nice comments, got tired of replying to the stupid ones, if you don't like messengers that's just too fucking bad isn't it
I just died a little watching that. Holy schmoly.
Scottie Wojo this gave me such anxiety just watching it..
Couldn't do it
How many moving violations were there? I lost count.
Tristan Stewart Robert James Elder Emily Stafford
Anyone seen Premium Rush?
Alex lets become bike messengers in new york city its calling to me
Cristian Castillo Jefferson Castillo
That's absolutely brilliant and terrifying at the same time.
Harmony Kloppenburg have you seen premium rush? it's kind of about this
Sam Carts. These guys have the best bike handling skills and shortest lifespan
Y? & What You Gonna Do Now? Royce A. Newell
Dave Daniel Bobby

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