This Is What It’s Like To Date A Med Student

This Is What It’s Like To Date A Med Student
This Is What It’s Like To Date A Med Student
Published on 10/20/2017
This Is What It’s Like To Date A Med Student


Lol fuck man if I see one more comment "I feel that this applies to nursing students too" one more time I'm going to lose it. We alllll get it nurses have to do a lot too!! Just shut the hell up and laugh at the video and stop cramming it down our throats.
Good grief. Notice how most of these comments are from nursing students & not med students. Why? Because med students are fucken studying and too busy to look at a corny video like this. News flash: Medicine is not only about nurses. Love, an Ob/gyn resident.
Alyssa Reichart Monica Weekley or nursing student
Russel i feel like nursing students do this more than med students. Hahaha magready ka na :))
Chelsey Erin RessChelsy Sheepway OMG!!! chronic sexiness
Doireann Ní Shíocháin Sharifah Sarhan Laura Worthington Aoife Harrison Akvile Kovanaite Aisling Gillen Cathal Tobin-O'Brien Dean Wright Robbie Murphy Fearghal O Neill Colm Cronin
I've pretty much done everything in this video...Jessica Marie Erika Sosa
Omg babe lmao the first one reminded me of me when I did EKG 😂 and then the rest of the video is you right now and me once I get to nursing 😂😂 except I feel like we went through this already with CNA 😝 German Ortiz
Madi Ankrom Bahaha lol.. Not a med student but I feel like this would be me and you right now and if we went to school together!😹😹😹😹😹😽😽😽
Katie Schmank Katie Lite Colby Lyn Amanda LaVarco Sarah Leoni Ashley Gochenour Alyssa Stoltzfus meg Meg White
Gabby Villamor ummmm maybe this is true for nurses as well ahahahha get ready in the near future hahaha
Jean Louis Iraola Pons hahahhaa 😁 just like me jajajaja y tu tabn excepto por la parte d hablar del cadaver u otras cosas mientras comemos 😂😂 super normal jajajaa
Heffler Martin This is gonna be us in a couple of years. He looks way too happy though, I'll probably look the complete opposite xD
You shared this video two years ago with me and it doesn't even sound anything like what you've talked about hahaha Samuel Rhys Mowery
Leonard Pardo pag mga cadavers usapan at mga pinapakita ko 😂 ayaw na ayaw mo. Diring diri ka 😂 tapos pag mga sakit HAHAHAHA! Nadagdagan pa ng parasites at bacteria naspak kan 😂
Jennifer Bergstrom
Okay obviously not a med student but some of this applies to me lol! And the title should say "what its like LIVING with a..."
Carmen Clarissa I remember watching this before....i can relate more to it now lol. "Cadaver lab" yea. It smells.
Emma Kneifl... I know I'm procrastinating... But I feel like some of these also apply to us as nursing students
Not all med students but maybe one like me lols dwl. Definitely one like me. Some just hate talking bout school outside a school.
This reminded me of our admiration for sir g 😂 yes "our" crush ko na rin siya bc of you two huhu 😂 Erika Yoshiko Abbie Catiil
Meg PlowrightEmily BennettOlivia JacksonBecca NewmanBeth Griffiths
And u tag josue? Hhahaa
Ellie Evans Elinor Laws Indie Coker Chania Lambrinudi Alice Pennington Mella Catlow Matt Bradley Jimmy Moore Hallam Amos Alex Duff Ecky Morgan Sven Ossije-Aahms Charlie Broome Chris Doherty (because you basically are) Ainsley Kate Richards
Practicumverhalen 😂 Anne-Fleur Gwen Asia Meike Malu Sanne Laurien
Nadège van Geenen Yekta Valikhani Sadaf Nedjat Sarah Sharabiany Asmae Tazi Tina Danquah Heela Yousufzai Sasha Blake haha vooral ook dat einde: I Diagnose You With Chronic Sexynessss
You guys should make a video about how is to date a designer lol
Phong Ho I feel like this is you to your future girl 😂
Shane Rolde "i want to compare it to my textbook"
Why am I laughing so hard?? Bc this is gonna be us Nizoom Khan 😂😂
Mostafa Yehia HAHAHAH 0.58, remind you of something? (honestly this video is just proof i could be SO much worse :p )
Took me a minute to realize the *guy* is the med student (ratio has changed).
Haha.. Funny.. But we dont do that.. Especially if both couple are med students..😱😱😱
Estévan Ollivierra is that going to be u? Lol
Nicole Ira Yenko Lansang
Leo Henssler Simon Engelmann Ulli Seeher Katja Mayer Annika Katharina Katharina Heider Katharina Hölz Jonas Gmeiner Charlotte Lücht
Noomi Vainer Emilie Rytter Hauschildt Laura Christoffersen Amalie Dalgas-Madsen Anna Meta Dyrvig Kristensen
Shreyas Patel Pernian Mary Muna Sahib Sarmad Hapunkt
Isabell Behnen Carla Lampe Sophie Li Emna Salhi Luisa Pa Clara Wehrencent hahahah
Lena Jendral, Franziska Jo, Florian Lenz, Caroline Gomell, Marius Leye, Paul Rostin 😂
Ishtpreet Shinh Manpreet Aulakh Jaspreet Minhas Harbir Brar
Anish Krishna remember that time Lisa Shani Vinod checked our heart rate? :P
Manisha Chand Dima Mohammad Sumit Kanwar Ahmed Al Mansouri Qusai Taher
Elizabeth Edwards Mason Skinner Raquel Cardenas Greg Thompson Camille Nahiomie Bryan Gibson Amanda M Rember
Michelle Ann Dacanay, Ola Michalec, Sabina Freiman, Kareem Jar
Ana Hamazaspyan Jay Pescatore Billy Davis 😂😂😂😂😂 when he counts her ribs as he is poking her chest is jay all the way!!
FarisZyle Lee
Lilia Brahimi Christina Charara Samir Ayoub Rodrigue Karkaji
Ben Potee, I'm going to need a little while to prepare myself for this. :P
Kelly Romero-Harris 😂😂😂
Guilherme Rampinelli HAHA ♡

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