This Is What Happens When You Ask Women To Explain The Penis

This Is What Happens When You Ask Women To Explain The Penis
This Is What Happens When You Ask Women To Explain The Penis
Published on 12/11/2017
This Is What Happens When You Ask Women To Explain The Penis


In fairness, men are just as ignorant about women's anatomy. You probably don't even know how big the clitoris really is - without looking it up right now. Hint: not the size of a pea.
Lmao Mara Patience Sara Berger Nancy McClay Kent Angie Rojas Adam Nava Sean McCandless
Amanda Blue Angellise Vazquez Alann Guzman Russell
Bless you André Grech Mikaela Colgan Marianna Izgi Marianna Giameos
Jared Paul
Seems accurate to me! LOL!
....people need to be better educated
and how did you learn that in Australia? Bit of experiential learning huh?
hahahhahahhahahahahhaah oh i needed that
Melony Uy I know you would like it. Lol.
Kwame Gyamfi!!!
Chrisi Jacobs
Christian Enrique Estrada an erection feels SO GOOD!
Jacob Delgado
In summarised form,,
Male circumcision is an ancient practice, dating back to several thousand years B.C..
Although there is No mention of it in the Holy Quran, it was commonly done among the Early Muslims during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad[peace & blessings upon Him].
Muslims consider it a matter of hygiene and cleanliness (tahara).
It is also considered to be a tradition of the children of Abraham (Ibrahim), or previous prophets[peace be upon them]. Circumcision is mentioned in the hadith(sayings quoted by Prophet Muhammad.pbuh) as one of the signs of fitrah, or the natural inclination of humans --
which includes along with the clipping of nails, removal of hair in the armpits and genitals, and trimming of the moustache etc.
«may this little effort helps/benefits!»
Now watch this Eizal Ismail Shafiqah Aziz
hmm not only americans do circumcision -_-" Muslims do it too, dont ask me why but i just dont know LOL
Funny - The women are just as bad as the men are describing....saw the men's version too.
Jessica Delgado lmao!!!! I should have been on this . Omg! I have lots of funny things to say
y am I smiling all by myself while watching this? :D
Alex Kivilaakso
Nik Skrlin
not american :3 filipinos do most circumcision :3
Karina Erika hahahha too funny
Riviel Margaret Georgi Daniel
Darcy Wilson
Blanca Hernandez
Iván Rentería
Vega Reaper
Elvin Wong ~ watch this ~ ahahha !
Nurul Erra
Breanna Del Vecchio oh my god im dying
Illu River
"if i spoke latin maybe i would know" hahahaha Brittany Sierra
Audrey - Your rendition would be better.
Ugh this ignorance makes me so very angry and I thought you would understand so I'm calling it to your attention. Catherine Amble
Ymeen Ansari
Ruthylia Manzo
I like the question "What does an erection feel like"?
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Hahaaa sokhei Wong Fei
Jessie Ruiz
Sarah Snow I'm dying
Erin Blaine aaaaaaand here's the opposite of the one I showed you a way long time ago...

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