This Is What Happens When Guys Try Pole Dancing...

This Is What Happens When Guys Try Pole Dancing...
This Is What Happens When Guys Try Pole Dancing...
Published on 10/17/2017
This Is What Happens When Guys Try Pole Dancing...


Hahahaha I learned that I'm fat and I'm weak. That's awesome.
I can hardly even lift myself out of bed, I would never be able to "glide" on a pole..
LOL "This is like Mulan"
i have new respect for strippers... i'm raising my tip from a dollar to two.
'today i learnt that I'm fat and weak'
"today I learned that I am fat and weak" LOL
Nikita I wanna take one of these classes. Think would be fun and a good workout.
Elizabeth Cortez I'm gonna do that for u tonight haha
Of course they choose the most out of shape guys to make this video lmao!
These guys are adorable because they are man enough to try something so out of their realm! Kudos! That's what makes a man sexy!!
Shes probably super good at playing, 'the floor is lava'.
It's fun to dance! I may be overweight, but strength is striving to being kind. I'm a bit of a wild at heart, but still kind. People say mean things all the time that hurt people's feelings like saying they are making confessions for things they didn't do? Hmm. Yeah ok. Whatever you think? Crazy is as crazy does? Where were you when I was born? How are you to say that things I say aren't true? Everyone should be thoughtful of things they hear from a grapevine. Because at least half of it isn't true! I may tell people about stuff that has happened to me in my life but, that doesn't mean that I will say intentionally something that isn't true. But then again I was called Gay and that's far from the truth. I once said something hurtful to a friend and wished I'd not said that my ex was gay. Because, although we aren't a couple anymore he has been a good friend most of the time. Thank you.
Mimi Versace "this is form Mulan" "be a man"
Guy Swayne Ray Anthony Chavo Linares Maria Yeni Cristy Nallely Rich Marraudino Nathan Campbell Kaleb Merz Paul Nguyen: When is Sunny going to show us these moves 😏😳💁
Pole Spot Studio Guess what? Strippers invented the dance style that you teach your students. I literally get tipped/paid to dance in the same (or better, more fluid) manner. Modern pole dance is not based on Mallahkamb. If you don't like strippers, don't dance like us. #yesastripper
Chang Lauj Danny Moua Ronald Moua Jim T Moua Star Yang Roger Yang Tou Jery Yang Tilong Vaj let's go try out for Pink Pony LoL
Andrea should definitely do a class for dudes when you open your studio!
Chelsea Stokes if you haven't seen this already I feel
Like you deff need too!! Derek Kaufmann when are you trying 😂😂😂
Ari Mariana Carol Paulina Josema Gerardo
Margaret Gonzalez Meghan Rieches this feels like the PERFECT plot for a comedy film.. Like I can see it so well... Why isn't Hollywood banking on it haha. I love how they're all judgment free and it's like a feel good little thing all out of their element and cheering as each triumphs haha
Shanika Waterman Penney Greene Teri Alleyne Karen Price Ashley Skittlezz Garnes Danny D Taken Sheena Bishop Sheena Sweets Hamilton Tara Cobham Vita A Gee Stacie Danielle Tina Mason Tyesha Mason Rac'l Harewood Laisha Iman
maybe me,,,, lol!!! Ine Wilhelmsen Austrheim Yvonne Nguyen Jorge Lera
FlashBack to Ilse's engagement soiree. .. Amanda Darla Alexis Vanessa Ruby ... LOL
Weis Granado hahahahahahaha ahah ahaha awh yee
Coral Trimble
Alice Moginie Rachael Norton Brittany Claire Anna Kate Jackson Jarred Bambridge Nick Cottee
This looks like so much fun, can we do this? Blake Davis Malorie Gorman Amanda Turpin
Terri-Anne Canonigo Ashlee Fuksa Bradley Gebin Maile Van Unen
No srsly doe can we Jaidyn Che Kahui Alicia Kham Anna Noung Radey Ma
Gremlin Irene Evyla Calderon-Ng Sammie Nop
Nina , this would've been us had we taken that class lmao 😂
Rod Grant Tom Welch Steve Williams Courtney Rosevear Sam Greenwood you boys up for the challenge?! 😂
Jess Mummy Musolino Melissa Dalton Jodie Jennings
Jazzymon Eng omg what did i just watch?!
Hysterical!!!! Charlie Baker, Stephen Smith, Tony Rota, Melissa Brown Fosbenner, Michelle Hatfield, Tracy Ross Bort
Stephanie Kohrman and Courtney Hempfleng next fitness class?
Angela Guan new gym work out
Haeley Roberts Tamika Lacey Christie Harrop Davina Currie lol
Mark Dornan Nathan McLean John Finlay
Andy Hoang pole dance for me bby
Andrew this made me think of you
Martha Espinosa Amy Cruz we need to learn! If they can do it so can we! 😂
Jajajajaja así estaré en el reto que puso mi amigo!!! Jajajajajajaj Dulce, Pamela, Ilse, Ely, Victoria, Von
Andrea Lin Tammy Loh Kachina Li Iris Feng Tanya Lam
Amanda Yap Caitlin Evans Puruna Jin Delaney Lush Veena Modersohn let's go take a class ha
Rodrigo Rangel Fdz
Michael Zhu
Fernando Garcia
Ryan Schuyler Sam Yates
Courtney Yates DOUBLE DATE TIME!
Alyssa Graham
Stephanie Schick
Brianna Lawler
Erika Selby
Frank Verga
Brenden Kramer
Lmao! Amanda Ko, Christine N. Ocampo, Theresa Statkus, Michelle Ramirez, Valerie Lupella, Bri Mason
Yada Bodon Im in class and this woke me up hahahah

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