This Is What Granny Hair Looks Like On Different Hair Types

This Is What Granny Hair Looks Like On Different Hair Types
This Is What Granny Hair Looks Like On Different Hair Types
Published on 11/19/2017
This Is What Granny Hair Looks Like On Different Hair Types


The girl with the short hair rocked it!!
The guy with the glasses is gonna be a silver fox when he's older. DAMN!
Damn the guy with the glasses on was basically like "I could die and care less about this " lmao
I'm sorry but the originally blonde chic's haircut is atrocious.
Dumbest trend ever
Is this what they really consider different hair types?
Monotone guy is monotone.
That one girls bangs GOT TO GO!
I liked it but that long haired girl had a weird hair cut
I heard adult diapering is "in" too! Which one of you Buzz Feeders wants to try that one?
I hate the way she has her bangs cut 😖 it looks really awkward. Then she saids I'm a light haired girl. Ma'am, we see your roots. 😒
It looked best on the last girl. Very pretty on her!
Why call it granny hair? Silver hair sounds more nifty. They look pretty fly IMO.
"im going for like disney villain" hahaha
That's not "granny hair", that's called toner and bleach.
He said I look like Sisqo LMAO
Why is this a thing? Just wait a few years, it'll happen naturally and then you will want to cover it up.
How much did glasses guy get paid to look so miserable in this video lmao
The dark haired girl the whole time they kept bleaching I kept thinking 😖 hope your hair doesn't fall out but she looks the best with the grey hair
Tiana.... Is it just me, or does the only one who pulled it off well was the dark hair girl. The rest just look.... blah. The ginger was weird with the beard being coloured still, the other guy just looked like a younger Obama with grey xD The blonde... the bleached didn't look good on her either. She was so washed out.
It's not "granny" hair. It's silver hair. And only some people can pull it off and it looks killer on certain people. Personally I love the trend.
The glasses guy that was monotone looked good he pulled it off
Ew, is this a 'thing' now? Wtf world
the last girl & second guy looked really good 😍
*Hair colours, not hair types. 😩
I actually really love this. Am I the only one? OK.
I figured since y'all said "different hair types" I would've seen a curly hair girl or a kinky hair girl.
hair TYPES??? oh, y'all meant hair CUTS right??? Bc they all had pretty straight hair.
Remember when it was called silver blonde? That sounded better than 'granny hair' :P
What different hair types!!!! You mean different hair color n length I saw no version of curly hair I just stop watching it stupes
All I have to do is stop dying my hair...instant granny hair....yay. 😕
What different hair types? I don't see any black people
I think it's dumb! Ladies dye their hair to hide their grey hair now they want grey hair..
I thought there would actually be different hair types...
I want granny hair :( add weave lol
do it on a afro, and curly hair
This hair video makes up for the last hair video!
Granny hair is curly and permed. This is grey, not granny. I'd say "granny hair" is more a style than a color, and this is just grey colored.
I thought by "different hair types" we'd see actual different hair types...not just all straight hair. I was hoping we'd get to see some kinkier textures do the grey transformation
the guy in glasses " i like it.. it is fun .."
lie detector: baaaaaam !!
Can i just have granny hair
Why is it looks like a violet gray and not gray lol smh
Grey hair and a reddish brown beard is not cute lol
White hair is not gray hair.
Different hair types? Mine isn't there.
The difference between "granny hair" on young people is that its thick and soft real granny hair is tough and wirey. Not something you want im only 21 and have a ton of greys. Why would anyone want this lol
I bet this style lands in the same category as frosting, the hair crimper, big teased 80s hairspray hair, banana clips, and sooooo many other fashion trends that never actually looked good, but lots of people did. Every decade has these that become to butt of jokes many years later.
I don't see any different hair types..............
I love gray hair but none of these hair types took to the pigments well and it came out... Just bad in general. That's what you get for rushing someone's hair process to make a video though.. Ugh
The girl with the dark hair is the only one that actually looks grey. Everybody else looked like a bad purple hair dye experiment.
Big hair looks like that WITHOUT any help! lol

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