This Is The Cast Of The Avengers: Then Vs. Now

This Is The Cast Of The Avengers: Then Vs. Now
This Is The Cast Of The Avengers: Then Vs. Now
Published on 10/19/2017
This Is The Cast Of The Avengers: Then Vs. Now


Robert Downey Jr. 😩💟 his parents deserves a medal or something asdfghjkl
UM Chris Hemsworth has always been beautiful.
It makes me quite happy to know I attended the same high school as Jeremy Renner. Gives me some hope in this world.
Chris Evans though~ <3
No one defeat James Spader in the old days.
I always thought Mark Ruffalo was a hottie... 😁
Tom Hiddleston 😍
Anyone else think they should have put Chris Hemsworth in Home and Away?
Robert Downey Jr. got better with age, IMO. 😍
They should've used Chris Hemsworth's one from home and away
What about Paul Bettany? No love for The Vision.
i dont know but chris evans and chris hemsworth were still hot even back in the day <3
I just realized how old the entire cast is..
Hey Buzzfeed... Chris Pine is in Star Trek not Chris Hemsworth....
umm .. still avengers
but didn Chris Hemsworth star in an australian soap opera in the mid 2000s though?
James Spader's voice as ultron is on point. 👍🏽
Whos james spader there in avengers?
how tf it got 1 view but 38 people like it lmfao😂😂😂
Star Trek wasn't Hemsworth's first role.
Who would have thought Scarlett would become so hot? I didn't really notice her back in the day when Home Alone 3 came out
That wasn't Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek, LOL.
That was Chris Pine.
I met James Spader at a family party, he's a really cool guy.
That moment when you realize that Thor is James T. Kirk's dad...
Tom hiddleston 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
What about Maria Hill? Cobie Smulders?
Anyone else think it was going to be Scarlett in "Ghost world"
Man Robert Downey was BUSTED as a teen , he def grew into his looks . Like fine wine...
Chris Hemsworth is even hotter Irl but I met him when he was just famous for being in Home and Away lol. Robert Downey is a bit of alright and Spader is a legend
So why put a picture of Chris pine up and try and make him out to be Chris Hemsworth?
Wait!! Scarlet ?? O.o siriously?
Why did they pick bad photos from the old ones? They all have their mouth half open
Wow I've seen not another teen movie like a billion times and I never knew the football guy was Chris Evans.
Am I the only one who thinks Tom and both Chris's look amazing in both then and now?
Knew about all of these except for Jeremy Renner and oh boy that hair!
Loving RDJ. Just goes to prove, the ugly duckling always turns into a hot fox!!x
Very good
“The Greatest Fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a LION. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of FREEDOM.” -Osho <3“
Didn't even know that was Scarlett Johansson in that movie.
Hiddleston & Evans... Back then and still now looking hot as fuck !!!!
Uhhh... Star Trek 2009 was Chris pine! Not Chris hems worth...
I think the chris hemsworth one was wrong, it looked like Chris pine cos he was in star trek 2009
Chris Hemsworth wasn't in Star Trek, that was Chris Pine!
Aww cmon for the white actors, it's basically them without facial hair and short hair.
is chris evans immortal?
Star trek is not Chris Hemsworth but Chris Pine.....
Ummmmm wasn't Chris Hemsworth in Home and Away????
Scarlet Witch 😔

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