This Is So Creative! Awesome!!!

This Is So Creative! Awesome!!!
This Is So Creative! Awesome!!!
awesome creative lot
Published on 12/11/2017
This Is So Creative! Awesome!!!


A for ASIANS 💪
The zippers though.
Guys, his name is Andrew Huang. This is his original video. If you truly want to support this guy, go to this!!
Who watched this more than once 😂
If i had that big a bag of weed I'd be just as creative
do include your source, please
This Is So Creative! Awesome!!
so awesome #imimpress
The least you could do, is give credit to the guy. His youtube channel or facebook page. Don't you think?
You either have a lot of talent or a lot of free time.. Hahah just kidding, it's amazing tho and super creative. 😍❤️👍🏼
EditingSkill101. 😱 Amazing 😂
Very creative, a lot of hard work, though his voice isn't spectacular, it is good
Awesome!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I love it 😁😊
Amazing!! ;) He's a genius!! :D
Awesome! I want to use this video for my music class. But how can i download it?
asians are still da best!
AAA+ for effort, this is awesome!!!
Damn ! amazing.... I like it.. Very creative and innovative... plus with the voice oh My God... Super good
Creative, but just maybe he has way too much time on his hands? Just saying.
Me just wondering how many loops it took to compose this whole video
this is awesome .!! no need to use real instruments.!!! :-)
WOW aweosme .... so creative video editing and the song
As soon as he started singing though 😶😶that wasn't creative at all 👐
It's awesome. Can I get a link from where to download this song? Big (Y) for asians
Tried a few of those instruments definitely didn't sound like that
Well done :) so creativeb!!
It's either he's creative or he's cheap 😂
Awesome :) Thats My Cousin .. :)
This is so freaking cool!!
Someone with a real talent !
How can that rubber do different sounds of bass? O.o
Izawati Zulkefeli...creative lorhhh!!!awesome!!!
MysteryGuitarMan better step up your game!
Man looks like he has just shit him self.. 😐
Lol is the zipper opening and closing really necessary Hahahahahahahaha that cracked me up!
That's Andrew lol
How do I find dis song?
That zipper though!
this vid.... is so awsome
I wish I had this much free time
Cool 👍👌💖
Alice Caines does this remind you of anyone 😂😂
I love the genius of this, thanks miss adorable for sharing
Qual nome dessa música?
This is just freakin awesome
Better than kanye
What he did with them cups👏

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