This Is How Much The Cast Of How I Met Your Mother Has Changed

This Is How Much The Cast Of How I Met Your Mother Has Changed
This Is How Much The Cast Of How I Met Your Mother Has Changed
Published on 10/16/2017
This Is How Much The Cast Of How I Met Your Mother Has Changed


I still can't get over that awful ending >:c
What about Ranjit :(
"Nothing good ever happens after 2AM" words to live by HAHA
I wish this show would come back 😩
I'm still upset they didn't tell the pineapple story. 🍍
The ending made me hate the show
This show ended like 2 minutes ago, stop it.
in what world do these people look dramatically different? I'm going to put a ribbon in my hair.....hope people still recognize me
Ending sucked
Basically they haven't changed.
So many years wasted on that ending.
Shut up. I'm still trying to pretend this show didn't end the way it ended. I was cheering for you schmosby! Dammit!
Too bad it's last season ruined the series... Odd that after watching the finale, the reruns just don't interest me anymore
Friends lasted 10 years...and had a better ending...
Neil Patrick Harris looks tired! The Oscars sucked his life force!
I'll never forget this show. And the season finale was perfect.
Fuck the haters.
How is it possible for Cobie Smulders to look BETTER then when she was younger???? 😳
The ending was just terrible. Only one worse was Dexter's finale.
man they need to make a movie together or something lol
Neil Patrick Harris is hot
Loved that show
I loved the show but the last season and ending ehhh
omg people age
missing the show
Why did you have to stir up all of those emotions again?!?
Josh Radnor is still hot.
Do this with Friends!!
Is this really necessary? The show ended in 2014. We know what they look like....
This is my all time favorite show.
My show ❤️😘
Who is the mother ?😂
They didn't even show Tracy 😭
I could only watch a few episodes of this show. I'm too impatient to find out who the "mother" is.
I will never forget the ending though :/
Literally watching this show on Netflix!
Marshall finally grew his mustache he always wanted in the show😂
Koalas.... is delicious.
Do the cast of friends !!!
Parrny is stell awesome !!
never cared about this show, get out of my news feed, GET OFF MY LAWN
I thought the ending was good.
Make one for Friends please!!
that's actually "Robyn Charles Sherbatsky Jr."
Cobie still hot af
Love how I met your mother best episode "Arrivideci fiero" made me laugh the whole time
I love this show
It's called plastic surgery

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