This Guy Made A Music Video About His Ex And Her Reaction Is Priceless

This Guy Made A Music Video About His Ex And Her Reaction Is Priceless
This Guy Made A Music Video About His Ex And Her Reaction Is Priceless
Published on 12/11/2017
This Guy Made A Music Video About His Ex And Her Reaction Is Priceless


OH I remember this from the exes cuddling video. o:
They are so awkward together. Yet for some reason I feel this secret desire for them to get back together.
Haha he's bitter because she's hot af and he lost her. Obviously.
This guy seems super creepy.. Maybe there's a reason they aren't dating anymore
I love how everyone was calling her a "bitch" in cuddling video, and now everyone is calling him a dick and bitter. HAHAHAHAHAHA
God he's so bitter
I love how when it's a fairly unattractive dude writing a song about his ex he's a "creep" and "too bitter" and "a dick" but if someone like Bruno Mars, Adele, or Taylor Swift all write these kinds of songs, they win grammy's and millions of people (probably the same ones commenting on here about how much of an ass this guy is) buy their albums and go to their concerts and just in general love them endlessly...
He's a dick.
I'm just gonna say....nah, SHE won the breakup buddy....
this is stupid.
This girl is trying to play cool but i mean common! She broke up with you a trazillion years ago, get over it already! I just feel bad for her 😕
She looks kinda like Megan Fox and he looks like a young combo version of Howard stern & weird al Yankovic lol. Love how she was so cool and apologetic though.
How did that guy get that hot of a girl O.o
He seems like he was really clingy. I totally see why she broke up with him.
Why is everyone bashing the guy she's the one with a attitude 😒
He deserves two high five.
Why can girls make break up songs about their exes and they are viewed as awesome--some even get famous from it. But when guys do it then they are bitter a**holes... People😒😒
They look..... so awkward.
Kind of annoying that they didn't show the full reaction video. Would have been more interesting if they didn't cut things out. They're so running out of ideas on what videos to make.
I wouldn't care if my ex made an video about me u wouldn't see me next to him laughing like we cool! nah FUCK my ex! End of story
That dude is crazy and super creepy.
Idk why people are calling this guy a dick and bitter... just cause she is hot. Actually she does seem really stuck up and kinda comes off as having a bitchy attitude. Sorry it doesnt excuse it cause she is hot af. This guy got his heart broke and now he's the dick? Nobody knows what really went on with their relationship... obviously even her new bf is singing that guys song....
Well that was awkward.....
So it's okay to humiliate someone because they broke up with you? If this was how he reacted over a breakup, no wonder she broke up with him in the first place. The guy is an overdramatic asshole.
I like her! Him nah
She looks like she doesn't really like it but he enjoys her reaction LOL
... The video makes him look like a sexist jerk that only wants to have sex. XP
I honestly thought she was a bitch from first video. but seeing the second video and watching the music video I know that he's a real asshole you can't just expect every woman to fuck you and hate them when they won't. Women matter our friendship matters and we're more than just our bodies we can have real companionship that isnt sexual
Let it go, boo. Just let it go.
These guys again...
She is better off. He looks likes he sniffs the mannequins panties at Victorias Secret. Ewwww
Well at least he didn't murder her. Cuz I feel like if he didn't have that music video and tee shirt. He would have chopped her up and ate her.
Break up music video..... the dick nerd's version of "revenge porn."
Why are the buzz feed videos so lame now? ?
She looks like the girl from the picture at the drake concert 😭😭 that's my ex !
Creeper...let it go.
eep this is a lil awkward
They actually dated? She looks like a Megan fox copy and he looks like he should be in a Jonah hill movie.
@people who think he's bitter and creepy
Don't ever tell me you've never felt angry when someone you really loved broke your heart
He made a video about it and it just so happened to go viral
Even seeing them sitting next to each other I can't picture them together.
He looks like Weird Al's son.
Shes cute
She was the ex? His video sounds like he was friend zoned.
Lol what a weirdo
SHE won the break up, not you boy. The music video clearly states you're not over her.
Where's the video??
OMG I love these two

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