This Guy Kills The Weekend Earned it with his Amazing Dance Performance!!!

This Guy Kills The Weekend Earned it with his Amazing Dance Performance!!! Video by Tevonshe Hines
This Guy Kills The Weekend Earned it with his Amazing Dance Performance!!!
Published on 11/20/2017
This Guy Kills The Weekend Earned it with his Amazing Dance Performance!!!
Video by Tevonshe Hines


For the People Saying I'm "Off Beat" You Sound Dumb AF the Dance Style is All About Musicality!! You Can Clearly See where Im on Beat at, And How I approach the Song with a Different way.... Not to just Connect to the Lyrics like everybody else but to the BEAT!!! for the People who Understand, THANK YOU!!! #JOOKIN
He can dance but he dance to fast for that song
R.I.P Air Force 1s πŸ™
The singing in the back kinda ruined it
I'll give a 7. yes, it's pretty good choreographing but there's not soul, no passion or feeling in the way he moves. still worth the watch
My jam plus dudes footwork is niice, crazy tight !!
Awesome... Some time when you look at art work and see a nice picture, we imagine it's moving. Then when you see this type of Dance, it's like the picture on the wall of Picasso comes to life! Nice!
Looks like Memphis Jookin/Gangsta Walkin
great dancer but the girl in the back need stop
2 many haters commenting.....keep ya negative piles of shit 2 yaself....dude is good at his craft,,,,flat out,,,,u think any different u hating
He's doing tricks not really dancing to the song in a expressive way to the message. He can dance but unfortunately I couldn't say he killed it....
wonderful! thoroughly enjoyed this young man's talents combining & understanding the music & his amazing dancing skills!
I couldn't enjoy the dancing with the girl signing out of tune with the music..if you can edit that out this would be gold.
Shut the fuck up bitch at least while you're filming!!!!! πŸ™†
Can he dance? Yes.
Can he dance to this song? Absolutely not.
Omg this dude can dance .....amazing footwork.
Much love & props 2 the dancer but the bitch recording needed 2 STFU! Nobody wants 2 hear your no-singing ass, sing over the performance. #stupidbish #ruinedthevideo
He can dance better than chris and usher
ur an amazing dancer <3
Wow!!! You can DANCE Tevonshe Hines!!!!!
The guy can dance but bitch you cant sing
Cool dance but what about Du Shaunt fik-shun? He's also epic!!
Great choreography! But the Women in the back need to bring it down a notch, it's about the dancer not the back of singers.
Next winner of "So You Think You Can Dance"
NICE, BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME 😍 butttt.... not for that song (IMHO) I think this song is more for a sensual dance.
Nsync'ed and his moves reflect the music which is an essential in any dance period. Very talented and very good! Hope this kid makes it somewhere with his talent :)
the Weeknd***
Fantastic! Such talent!!
That boi cold with that memphis style of dancingπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Nice strength and flexibility in your choreographed dance routine. 10. I need a cool drink. :) Thanks for sharing.
So cool and what a fantastic song""""
Ooohhh put em in a coffin. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
I'm a dancer and I love dancing to the weeknd but the beat is to simple for you to be doing all that but nice footwork
He can Dance but can you dance to the words of the song. Just saying
Omggg im beyonddd shocked at these comments!!! You hit errrry beat . You are beyondddd talented. I have seen a lot of professionals dance but you took it to another level! Let the haters talk! But 2.6 MILLLION VIEWS! You poppin! Stay up πŸ’― @Tevonshe Hines
He has no can't dance like that to this song. Great dancer but terrible dance tot his song
It's the weeknd not the weekend
The dancing is cool but too fast!
So many haters an jealous people. U dance is amazing! And u in the background, Keep singing!!
This dance & this song.... No
This Guy will be a SUPERSTAR!!!!
The weeknd******!!!!!!!
can u do half of what he did????u talentless assholes
Too much moving for me. You can dance though
Nice butt I would've rather saw him dancing to a gospel song...praise dance would have been better to me...
I swear everybody dances the same
very talented young man.
Dope dancing, wrong song for style. Made it seem off beat!
This song didn't match the dancing

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