This Girl Snapchatted Her Boyfriend Sleep Talking For Six Months

This Girl Snapchatted Her Boyfriend Sleep Talking For Six Months
This Girl Snapchatted Her Boyfriend Sleep Talking For Six Months
Published on 11/17/2017
This Girl Snapchatted Her Boyfriend Sleep Talking For Six Months


My boyfriend sleep talks every night about work and just asking me questions and I've never once got it taped. He doesn't believe me either 😂 he's even woke up came out to the living room had a conversation with me and didn't remember any of it. I'm determined to get it on tape now 😭
My psychology professor always talks about her husband's sleep talking in class. So one night, they were sleeping and her husband suddenly yelled out: "honey, there's a spider on the bed!" which made my prof jumped out of bed and almost hit her head in the wall lol... And another night he just creeped her out while she was reading bedtime book. He was sleeping, then he slowly sat up and slowly turned his head to her like the puppet in Dead Silence. She freaked out and hit him really hard with the book lol
Their relationship is so cute
I was hoping for this exact video lol
This is a man who worries and stresses a lot. Lol. Even in his sleep he's still trying to plan.
I'd be asking him questions lol
he might confess a murder
ps with this little bit of fame ATM go like my profile pic thx
I get told by all of my friends/family and boyfriend that I am an avid sleep talker... to this day the best thing I've said that my BF told me is:
SASSY TOFU! OVER THERE. *yells and points*
....and now my boyfriend calls me Sassy Tofu when I'm frustrated or a little angry with him to get me to smile.
I record my husband talking and snoring all the time. It's hilarious.
My daughter doesn't talk in her sleep as frequently but she has been known to start talking about calculus or physics problems and then roll over.
My boyfriends woke up in the middle of the night & humped the corner of the bed.. I died! 😂😂
Not gonna lie. I would leave her. When you sleep you are at your most vulnerable. She violated his privacy and his vulnerability by posting it. Shame on her.
The feeling you get when you see this and are single AF... :/
My ex fiancee said gems like" I know the shopping trolley is fluffy but what's the password", " I like cheeeeeese" and " I'm going to bury the microwave"
Lol my boyfriend always says the craziest shit too 😂 I need to start recording his ass
I remember this from the "confess something your partner doesn't know" vid!
I'd break up with her for that shit. If there is one thing I can't stand it's women who tell everybody your business and can't respect privacy.
My husband sleep talks EVERY night, and I always post the conversation with him on Facebook .. *Chronicles of Sleep Talking Vince*
Apparently I make motorcycle and car noises in my sleep? You'd think my boyfriend would just laugh but he somehow did motorcycle noises back and then we both woke up laughing. I guess its bc he works in cars and it's all he talks about lol. It's really weird... 😭
"I'm Concerned It's A Crime!" 😂😂😂😂
The first time I heard my boyfriend talk in his sleep he yelled, "ASS DICK BOK CHO" in a weird voice, when I asked him what he said he tapped my face and went back to snoring. He talks almost every night now, I need to start recording him 😂
My partner was high on morphine last night and as he was snuggling me he shouted out to me " babe take of your handbag " never have I used one in my life lol x
I'm the one who sleep talks in the relationship lol
When I was a cashier I use to sleep scan. I would wake up siting up with something in my hands, sometimes my pillow, sometimes my throw blanket I sleep with.
Now someone go make an action movie where the girlfriend finds out her boyfriend is actually an alien sent to enslave humanity.
My boyfriend talks about blueprints for houses in detail in his sleep, but he is a farmer and my brother talks about throwing baby chicks into garbage cans. 😂
I used to sleep walk into my moms room and have conversations with her. I'd say weird stuff like, "why is there a bottle of dresses in my room?!"
My boyfriend does this every night & than gets pissy when I tell him about it the next day. He denies it. Just last night he got up & walked over to the window & asked me why did I put it in the way. When I told him to lay down he started telling me to shut up. Last week he pulled the comforter off of me while trying to sleep & he opened the sliding door & threw it outside. Wtf?! He never believes me. I need a security camera to prove it.
My boyfriend talks in his sleep a lot, but it's usually when I'm trying to sleep too. So I don't care enough to record it. I just want him to shut up so I can go back to sleep lol
Sometimes when my boyfriend is sleeping and I'm Watching tv I can hear him talking to someone in his sleep it's adorable…until he just randomly screams then it's terrifying
I check on him sometimes in mid scream after it stops back to snoring and an occasional really what on earth are you dreaming about
Actual thing has happened has been
*me hears him talking*
*me go in to make sure he wasn't talking to me*
*him screaming at the top of his lungs*
*scaring the flying fladoodler out of me*
*he suddenly stops*
*begins snoring*
"Thank you so much mom I would love more cake"-him sleep talking
*nothing more until he wakes up*
Like really what on earth?! Plus he's not even a cake fan!
I get texts from my husband that don't make sense and then he tells me that's what I said in my sleep
This. is. too. damn. adorable.
I would just listen to see if he was dreaming about any other girls.
my husband told me that I have said ( in my sleep )
"rabbits like carrots"
" look at all these people in the bedroom, I have to show them my tattoos"
and I can't remember the other ones..
and when he sleep talks he's either yelling or laughing. it's pretty great.
Sleep talk is amazing my husband does it sometimes and it's about so many random stuff. Like last night he started freaking out because he thought he had slept in top of our son. Mind you our son has never slept in our bed while my husband also being in bed lol
My hubby quotes Monty Python in his sleep, even punched the side table doing silly walks.
Lmao my boyfriend talks in sleep too! I have not thought about recording him. My favorite thing he's said was," we did it buddy!" And I responded, "..what?". He followed up with, "We pushed the green button!"
Creepy incident that happened was him giggling like a little school girl saying, "stop it" in a very weird voice😳 while he was asleep
'Shawn O'Connor you do the talking and sitting up. The funniest part is when you talk in another language.... Who knows what your saying. Bahahah! Beware of my camera.
I am him according to the stories my boyfriend tells me. 😂😂😂😂
it's juno and her boyfriend
Lol my boyfriend does this shit too. I should start trying to record it!
I've been told I have full blown conversation with myself. While asleep. So I feel your pain. Lol
My bf sleep talks too ! Says weird shit like "Nigga, wtf you with that bitch for ?" ROFL 😂😂😂 what ?
My boyfriend sleep talks in his sleep all the times. Keeps me up. And 80% of time it's about work
my boyfriend does the same thing, the latest was about getting attacked by dinosaurs with jesus.
Lol my boyfriend told me that one night I said, "the wolves are howling", .... and two seconds later all the dogs in the neighborhood were howling. Lol coincidence??? Lol
My boyfriend talks in his sleep sometimes and it's always random and nonsensical lol
I walk and talk in my sleep! So very creepy the stories my boyfriend tells me I do.
actually illegal to record video n post share unknowingly by target.

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