This Girl Pranked Her Boyfriend With 1,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day And His Reaction Is Perfect

This Girl Pranked Her Boyfriend With 1,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day And His Reaction Is Perfect
This Girl Pranked Her Boyfriend With 1,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day And His Reaction Is Perfect
Published on 08/17/2017
This Girl Pranked Her Boyfriend With 1,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day And His Reaction Is Perfect


I thought they were pranking him by saying there from some random guy not that he ows money that wouldve been funnier lol
This is honestly the dumbest "prank" ever.
I think BuzzFeed just pranked us.
Three minutes I'll never get back :(
That was dumb.
Reaction was a disappointment, waste of a prank.
This was the worst video I've seen on buzz-feed lol
I love BuzzFeed no matter what but this... This is bad lol
I'm sorry that was a lame "prank"
Nobody is fighting in the comments 😂 cuz for once we are all in agreement about how much of a WASTE this is and NOT a prank.
That was a lot of hype for reaction
I feel so bad for her for thinking that was funny
The best prank couple is Prank Vs. Prank - Jesse and Jeana
Wait did I get pranked into watching this lame video?
What does she mean by this is the top prank? This can definitely be topped.
Plot twist: he was planning on breaking up that day.
Pretending to steal his nose would have been a better prank.
Lol. My favorite part is the comments. Everyone is in agreement for once! Yeah, Buzzfeed, hashtag lame!
Yawn 😴 BORING!! And she probably had to pay for all those flowers just to do this. Honey! I just cleaned out our savings account to do this HAHA got you good didn't i ?!?!😃😋😒
They told him it was a prank way too fast. It all happened too fast. They should have kept it going longer to get the stress built up. Punk'd skits even last longer than this.
I'm reporting this as spam
Wow, they live on the wild side huh?
omg give me back the 3 minutes i just wasted watching the most stupid thing everrrr
"if we are gonna start a pranking thing in our relationship now I don't know where we can go from here like this is the top"
lol got you! you thought you had to pay for all these flowers that I ordered for myself but really you have to pay for the flowers, cameras an actors I hired for this really horrible prank. MAN I GOT YOU GOOD.
It would have been funnier if one bouquet at a time was delivered throughout the day from "other guys," maybe even guys that he knew. This was just dumb.
If I was the guy, I'd dump her for not being funny.
Literally pulled better pranks than this in kindergarten
That didn't look like a thousand roses lol
Oh that was the top huh? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
"We've hit the top of pranks" she says proudly.
So anticlimactic
Lol how did she afford it? XD Plus with that money just buy him cologne or something else
"They barely fit in my apartment." DO YOU NOT SEE ALL THAT EMPTY SPACE?
I want a thousand roses but I have nO BOYFRIEND
This just bothers me because of how dang wasteful it is...
I have not seen one good comment yet 😂😂😂😂😂
He should break up with her! She's lame!
I feel bad. I kept hoping that it would get better.. and it just didn't. Not a prank. Sorry
Dear Buzzfeed,
I would like my three minutes and three seconds back.
Everyone Who Watched This Video
😐<my face the whole time
You did not hit the top prank. This isn't even mediocre prank. What a waste of my time.. 😒
This was lame... They should have had them be from another man and then had some like incredible attractive guy come out and confess his love. That would have been funny.
"Like aw ma gawd! Ah tahtally prannked ma bahfrand hawhawhaw"
And then what? Girl obviously got mental issues
this has got to be, hands down, the lamest prank i have ever seen
The comments on the video are better than the video itself haha
Oh! i got pranked by watching this.
I just wasted 3 minutes of my life watching the dumbest "prank"
Lamest prank. I'd buy my boyfriend a thousand video games and take all the discs out but give them to him at the end when he gets sad

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